Written by Perform4u

21 Sep 2006

It was Christmas time I was working away from home and I needed lodgings = I was given a local B&B a 30s couple with 2 kids I had been their all week and we got on well = they treat me as one of the family then when it got to friday they told me they had the chance to go to a party but couldnt get a baby sitter = I had played with the kids and got on well so I said I would baby sit = even though they were 8 and 10 = me and the kids had fun and all went well = thank god = the couple Ken and Samantha (Sammy)came home around 1am = pissed = laughing = full of fun = they asked about the kids and all was well = they told me what a night they had had = mainly good = then we said goodnight and all went to bed = I had been in bed about an hour when the door opened and in came Sammy = no not naked = she was fully dressed but I was in bed naked = Sammy was giggling when she pulled back the covers and knelt over the top of me = she leaned forward and started to kiss me = Ive been wanting to do that all week she said = now she was necking me and I could feel her dress being pulled off of her = no dont undress me yet she said = but its not me I said its Ken whos behind you and its him whos doing it = Ho yes said Sammy it would be him = he likes to see men fucking me = I hope you dont mind = will it put you off she asked = no just the opposite I said = its a turn on for me to fuck a mans wife while he watches = Sammy sat upright so that her and Ken could kiss = I reached up and started feeling Sammies lovely firm tits and nipples = she leaned forward again and started kissing me again = I could feel Ken reaching through my legs and finding my prick he started wanking it and pulling the skin back on my prick = I whispered to Sammy what he was doing and she said she knew he would as he likes to get mens cocks good and hard so they can give me a better fucking = now I could feel him pushing my throbbing cock into Sammies wet pussy = I had my arms around her back and was thrusting my cock as far up her as I could get it = I could feel Ken with his hands on Sammies hips working them as fast and as hard as he could = forcing her down as hard as he could onto my stiff cock = as you can gather I couldnt last long before I spunked into Sammy = as my now softening cock slipped out of Sammies soaking wet pussy I could feel Ken with his mouth around it = suking it = sucking and liking all our warm wet fresh spunk off of my cock = he couldnt drink it fast enough = all the time me and Sammy were kissing = then Sammy bumped forwards = Ken must have his cock in her now = pushing into her = hands on her hips = thrusting and pushing his cock into her = all I could do was hold onto Sammy with my arms around her back kissing her and comforting her as she moaned and groaned with every thrust = I reached forwards with my right hand and found Sammies clit = as Ken fucked her I rubbed her clit = I dont know how she could take such punnishment = we were both at her like mad men = the more she cried out the more we did it to her = I was hard again = I was thrusting again = my cock found its way into her soaking wet pussy = now she had two cocks up her = the more Ken went at her the more I went at her = it was like a contest = I just dont know how Sammy was taking it = we were like animals at her = I could feel her back wet through with sweat = I could feel Kens cock pumping spunk into her = I was pumping spunk into her = then we all just fell into a heap gasping for air = slowly awakening from this sex fantasy = my best sex ever.