Written by juli

24 Jun 2005

I have a great life,money travel etc but just lack the good fucking I need(my husband is fantastic but)I meet with a guy from advertising on swingers,after many emails etc I invited him to a hotel.I was enjoying a hot spa when he rang and I opened the door in a towel,he looked suprised and I invited him in,I undressed him and took him to the spa,god he was big,once in the spa we talked etc and I grabbed his big erect cock and slowly wanked him,he put his finger into my pussy and I turned around to so my pussy was in his face,it wasnt easy as it was a small spa,he drove a finger into my anus and worked it in and out,it felt good,I had his cock in my mouth and was working up and down then he put a second finger in my anus and continued to push it in and out,I couldnt help it but I started to squirt my pussy juice,my piss was all over him and he put his mouth to my pussy and sucked it all from me,to continue later