Written by Marty

25 Sep 2004

Having read the stories on this site for a while now, i thought it was about time i returned the favour and told you all about my own.

A few years ago now i went to Italy with my now ex girlfriend. She was very sexy looking with a great hourglass figure and beutiful tits which i always used to love having rubbed on my cock. She must have been about 27 at the time, i was 24.

We were never really adventurous but did like sex outdoors, the thought of being caught always turned me on. I think to be honest i probably held her back as seh was always up for it.

Anyway one fine night we went for a walk along the beach feeling bloody randy, She was wearing a long dress with no underwear, her firm tits jiggling about giving me the raging horn. It was really dark and i suggested going to have some fun on the pier.

As we got there, there were a couple of blokes sitting just on the pier, and we just walked past them thinking nothing of it - at least i didn't (bet you can guess whats coming!!!)

We got to the end of the pier in total darkness and all we could hear was the sea slopping about beneath us. It wasn't long before she now had my rockhard cock out and was giving me a fantastic blow job, sucking my bell. licking my balls, and giving me sultry looks as she was doing it. I peeled off one of the straps of her dress to reveal her tits, squeezing and massaging them as she was sucking me off. Her moans told me she was enjoying it. although probabl not as much as i was.

Our favourite position was always doggy style, so before long i had her on all fours, lifted her dress up and stared to giving it to her from behind. Then i heard footsteps, i thought shit we are going to have to stop , but she made no moves suggesting that we should, so i just carried on. Then these two guys came into view. All she did was to lean forward putting her top half on the pier and poking her lovely ass in the air. I could have cum there and then.

These 2 guys took the cocks out and started wanking. She just started moaning more, and beckoned them over. I couldn't beleive it. I wasn't sure how much firther i wanted to take this, she was my bird. But getting carried away with it all i never stopped her as she stared sucking them off. Well that tipped me over the edge, and i shot my load soon after.

She was obvioulsy hungry for more and looked over at me, i just nodded. With that one of the guys took my position, as she carried on sucking the other off. My god, i was watching my girlfriend getting spit roasted and bloody loved it. As did she as she was now very audible!!

Soon after i wanted more, and moved over to her face to shove my cock in her mouth, with her looking up at me and letting out gasps every now and then. The guy pumping her from behind shot his load and moved out the way for guy number 2 to get in there. I thought she must have a sore fanny by now, but she just carried on.

With all this going on it wasn't long before i came again, her swallowing the lot, and i just stepped back to enjoy the rest of the show. She got up and nealt in front of him giving him a fantastic gobble. I have always wanted to cum in her face and she has never let me, so i suggested that she let him. To my suprise she agreed, and soon he was spraying his love juice all over her face.

Witt that the two guys shook my habd and walked bac down the pier. I was ready for yet more, but thats another story....