Written by steve merthyr

4 Jul 2006

On arriving back at my room after the fun in the sauna I showered and began preparing to go down to the hotel restaurant for diner. To be honest I was still having trouble with my cock having a mind of it’s own and being in an almost permanent state of erection as my mind kept remembering Jane’s words “LATER”.

On my arrival at the restaurant Jane was seated at a table for two and looked absolutely stunning. Gone was the rather pain shy young girl and in her place was a sophisticated young woman in a tight silk like evening dress with a low cut front that almost reached to her navel. Almost every male in the room was envious as I sat at the table with her.

During the meal Jane told me the reason she had appeared more quiet than normal over the past couple of weeks. It transpired that her fiancé, Ken, who worked in another department of our company, had been on the same course a few weeks earlier. He had been accompanied by a senior staff member from his department and 38 year old married woman named Sue. In her 16 years with the company Sue had had affairs with most of the senior male member of staff including myself. She was a very sophisticated woman and although her breasts where rather on the small side she knew exactly what turned men on and made a habit of attending staff only functions in tight fitting short dresses with stay up stockings and no underwear. She would then select her man for the night and ensure she sat opposite him and flashed her dark hairy pussy at him until he was caught tightly in her web. Saying this makes her sound a little bit like a sexual predator which is not really true because all of us in turn knew what top expect and basically looked forward to it as she was a really good shag. We eventually found out that her husband knew all about her regular adultery with other staff members and they actually used it as a means to spice up their own sex life and apparently he was also involved in regular affairs at his work place.

It appears that whilst on the course with Ken Sue had again exercised her charms, and was probably in this case something of a predator, with Ken falling into her web after an evening of free drink. On his return from the course Ken was filled with remorse and told Jane all about it and begged forgiveness.

Jane told me that she had decided that she would give him her answer when she returned from our course because she first wanted to experience sex from some one she saw as more mature just has Ken had done with Sue. My cock was at it again Jane left me in no doubt, I was going to fuck her tonight.

It was a case of no after dinner drinks, as soon as the meal was over we made our excuses separately and then made our way to Jane’s room, with her going first.

When I got to Jane’s room she had dimmed the lights and was standing with her back to the bed. I closed the door and she said “I know you have been fucking Sue for years and I want you to fuck me exactly like you fuck her so I know what she would have had Ken to do to her”. She dropped her dress and stood in front of me in a small lace thong, hold up stockings and two small strips of tape that she’d used to hold her large firm tits in her dress. As I approached her I complemented her on her tits and said how much nicer they were in comparison to Sue’s and then kissed her deeply on the mouth with our tongues entwined as my hand stroked her pubic mound and my fingers felt her clitoris hardening under my touch. She rapidly unbuttoned my shirt with half the buttons flying onto the carpet around us and before I realised it I was standing naked with her in my arms.

I eased her down onto the bed and lay there kissing her mouth, ears, neck and breasts as my hand slipped into her thong and felt her thick hairy bush that covered her by now large hard clitoris. I couldn’t wait to feel her clitoris in my mouth and slowly traced my tongue down from her breasts until it was tantalising her clitoris through the material of her thong. I could now smell the sweet mustiness of her juices that had been adsorbed into the material and slipped my finger under the gusset so that I could push it into my mouth and hold it with my teeth and use them to pull the thong from her body.

I stood in front of her and looked down on her firm young body with full breasts, erect nipples and thick dark untrimmed bush covering her wetness. My mind wandered back to the last time I’d fucked a young 26 year old and remembered it was 12 years earlier when I fucked Sue for the first time only a week or so after she had returned from her honeymoon.

I knelt between Jane’s open legs and lowered my mouth onto her pussy using my finger to pull back the hood of her clitoris revealing the engorged reddish pink head. I let my tongue stroke it gently as the index finger of my other hand, now lubricated by her pussy juices that were running between the checks of her tight little arse, pushed gently into her tight arse. At this point I felt her body convulse as she cried out loudly signalling her first orgasm of the night. She them cried out “ Fuck me now, put that big experienced cock in my wet cunt and fuck me hard”. The coarseness of these words coming from someone I always seen as a shy young girl shocked me slightly, but I replied “ No you want to be fucked the way Sue likes it, so wait”.

I let my tongue leave the over sensitive tip of her clitoris and placed it next to my finger that was tightly wedged in her arse and slowly rimmed her arse with my tongue as I finger fucked her arse. Within seconds I could feel her second orgasm shudder through her young body. I lay down beside her with my head alongside her pussy and moved her so that she lay on top of me with my cock in her mouth and my tongue playing between her clitoris, pussy lips, wet cunt and tight arse. I used my hands to hold her bum checks and pulled her onto my face in a steady rhythm that she soon copied with her mouth on my cock. As she edged towards her third orgasm I could feel my own cock start to pulsate and quickly withdrew it from her mouth whilst continuing to use my tongue to pleasure her.

With her third orgasm over and my cock rested and back from the edge of orgasm I rolled her onto her back and began to rub the tip of my cock, lubricated by my pre-cum and a significant amount of sperm leaked from my earlier near orgasm over her clitoris. Then I slowly pushed my 8 inches into her wet warm pussy and rode her slowly with my shaft rubbing her clitoris as I thrusted and withdrew on each stroke. By now there was no indication of any single orgasm, Jane was continually moaning and grinding her hips up into me. As my orgasm again neared I withdrew and returned my tongue to her arse where I was now able to gentle push into her. I then slowly pushed my cock into her arse at first she whispered “no” and I could feel her arse muscles tense but with a little extra work from my fingers and some additional saliva I was able to ease my cock in and again ride her slowly. She really went wild and expressed in words and cries how much she was enjoying having her arse fucked for the first time, and then shuddered into another orgasm. I withdrew from her arse and she immediately turned and to my surprise took my cock in her mouth and gently cried “Please let me taste your cum in my mouth”. I lay on my back and told her that it was time for her to ride me and watched as she lowered her self onto my shaft and without hardly moving her hips she gentle ground onto me until I felt my hot sum spurt up into her. With my slowly softening cock still in her she leaned forward and kissed me long and deep. After a few seconds I moved back down to her pussy and licked at tour mixed juices as they oozed from her and then returned my mouth to hers and let the juices dribble into her mouth.

I them told her that she had just experience typical shag that Sue liked and asked if she liked it as much. We spent the next hour or so talking about our various sexual experiences and I told her about Sue’s fascination with FMF threesome sex and group sex.

Jane decided that she may like to try that experience some day, and I suggested that I may be able to arrange some thing over the next two days but that’s another story that may follow.

I would although I still work on a daily basis with Jane I have never shagged her since we returned from the course and she married. I am however still shagging Sue regularly and we often fantasise about including Jane in one of our sessions, maybe one-day.