Written by Ali

9 Feb 2005

My husband told me as he left for work that he had arranged for someone to call and service our hot water boiler and to make sure I was at home to let them in. As I was getting in to the shower I heard the doorbell ring so I wrapped a towel around me and went down to answer the door. There were two men, one middle aged, the other younger, come to service the boiler! I explained that I was about to take a shower, they said that was no problem but could they come in and have a cup of tea while they waited. Clutching the towel tightly round me I showed them to the kitchen and pointed out where everything was and left them to it, the younger one let out a wolf whistle. Trying to make the shower as quick as possible I dropped the towel and jumped in not expecting to be seen on the way out, but as I emerged from the shower there was a face poking round the door. It was the young guy. Now I am nearly forty, only a size ten and I keep pretty fit, but I did not know whether to be flattered or angry. As I bent down to pick up the towel he whistled again and came in to the bathroom. It was obvious what he was thinking judging by the bulge in the front of his overalls and he offered to dry my back. I have no idea what possessed me, but I agreed. He started off OK but then he came close behind me and nuzzled my neck, gently kissing me, I must admit I started to feel a bit horny myself. He took my hand and placed it on the front of his crotch and I could feel his big rock hard cock, I gave it a gentle squeeze, he moaned quietly in my ear. He reached round and tweaked my nipples which stood out like organ stops, it's one of the things I like having done. I could feel the wetnesss inside of me and my throat was getting dry so that when he pushed his fingers up me I could hardly make a sound, I just shuddered a little bit.

He turned me round and with practised ease shrugged his overalls off, they slid down to his ankles exposing a very brief pair of pants with a very large bulge. He put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down, I knew exactly what he was expecting so I sank to my knees and carefully peeled his pants off. I was almost hit in the eye by the monster that jumped out at me and I thought how much bigger he was than my husband. I started to stroke it and he put his hands on the back of my head, edging me closer till I took it in my mouth, this is not something my husband and I do. He kept his hands there and started gently rocking back and forth as I sucked and licked his cock. It seemed to grow even bigger and several times I was nearly gagging as he pushed it too far down my throat. I was glad when he pulled it out and reached down to help me up, he lifted me under the arms and sat me on the edge of our sink unit then pushing my legs apart he knelt down and started licking me. I swear I must have had two or three orgasms, I was moaning and eventually I grabbed him by the hair to make him stand up. As soon as he stood I grabbed his enormous cock and pulled it towards me, guiding it in to me. It was a wonderful feeling, it filled me up like never before, and soon we were pushing together in a nice rythm with my legs curled round behind him. I was hanging over his sweaty shoulder moaning and kneading his back when suddenly his pushes got more frantic, he was really hammering in to me and I was responding, I knew I was going to cum and I felt his buttocks clench as he pumped his load in to me. We had a quick shower together and he got dressed and went downstairs. What happened later I will save for another time.