Written by 2much

1 Dec 2003

I have read this site on a friend's pc and must admit that most of the stories are worth reading. So while I have the use of his pc let me tell you my TRUE story.

She picked me up in the car. she was looking absolutely gorgeous, before she drove off she stroked my inner thigh and smiled sexily. I told her I wanted to fuck her she said I must wait and we drove off.

Once inside the house she gave me a long lingering kiss and started to rub my hardening cock through my trousers, she then knelt down in front of me and undid my trousers and took out my now, rock hard cock. She started to suck on my cock and play with my balls, she took the whole length of my cock into her mouth while squeezing my balls firmly with her hand. I reached down into her top and played with her erect nipples and fondled her ample tits, she sucked harder on my cock for a while and then she stood up and removed her knickers and bent over the arm of the settee, she looked back at me and said. "Fuck me, fuck me hard from behind".

Her arse looked inviting as she was bent over the arm and I rammed my hard cock deep into her wet pussy we fucked for ages in this position until finally I shot my load into her pussy, as I withdrew my now soft cock, covered in my spunk, from her pussy followed by a flow of more of my spunk running out of her. We kissed passionately for a while, then went up stairs to bed where we stripped off naked and got into bed. She started playing with my cock again and to my surprise I was rock hard again in no time, she went down on my cock again and lifted her leg over me so that I could lick her pussy at the same time, licking out my own spunk out of her pussy until she shuddered into an orgasm.

I got off the bed and she got on all fours on the bed and I fucked her again from behind, this time I fucked her for a lot longer, we were both pouring with sweat when I once again pumped my spunk into her gaping, wet, pussy. We both collapsed on the bed absolutely knackered but happy, really happy. Which goes to show although involving another person or persons with your sexual antics can be an enhancement, that two of you can also have a great enjoyable fuck together as well.