Written by Brad

24 Jul 2003

What follows happened a year or so ago. It is a 100% true recollection of what took place,as I remember it.

My wife and I, she 31 and me 29 had attended a cellar party in the cellar of the block of flats where we lived, the whole block had been there, as had our neighbours from the next block. Now, around 3am the party had ended. We'd returned to our flat accomapnied by a friend of our from the other block. Steve's wife had quit the party at around 1:15am. Now the three of us were in our flat, sharing more wine and discussing the party. We agreed we'd all enjoyed it and, as we still felt awake decided to play cards. The three of us played a few hands when Steve suddenly said "lets make this abit more interesting" I asked how he meant and he replied " Lets play strip! the loser has to take something off" Although my wife remonstrated, I was aware of a tingling deep in my abdomen. Both Steve and I gently and light heartedly tried to persuade her as we continued to play, until some 30 or so and a farther bottle of wine opened she finally agreed, abit halfheartedly.

The game progressed with Steve and I sitting opposite my wife who sat, with her feet up under her, in a third easy chair. First one, then the other of us lost and paid the penalty. As you'd expect my wife started with a shoe, then the other shoe then a silk scarf. Both Steve and I were far more advanced than my wife. Steve in just his y fronts and me only slightly behind, still retaining my slacks. My wife meanwhile was, by now, and apart from her halfcup bra, topless. As we teased her she lost another hand! Steve and I both watched breathlessly as my wife slowly unclasped her bra and, after the slightest of pauses let it fall forward, finally exposing her large, full breasts, topped by large brown almost perfect circles, in the center of which sat her stiffening nipples. Both Steve and I took swift intakes of air whilst my wife looked at her cards. I lost my slacks whilst she, in the next hand, lost her skirt,and as we watched. her pale blue nylon briefs leaving her clad in only dark nylons and black edged suspender belt. Whether it was the view, Steve lost the next hand. Unashamedly he removed his boxers, sitting unconcerned that his excitment was plain to see! My wife lost a nylon folled by me losing my y-fronts and joining Steve naked. He and I were much of a muchness in size, although his was a little thicker and had been circumsized. My wife commented " Are you satisified now? talk abo0ut much ado about nothing" Steve answered " So your note aware of the loser's rule then?" despite not knowing what he was on about but having a pretty fair guess I nodded in agreement. "What loser rule?" my wife asked suspiciously " The losers rule"Steve repeated, " The over all loser of the game, has to go with the games runner up"! he explained, both of us keeping straight faces. I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest as my wife said "No-one said that at the beginning of the game"

For the first time Steve seemed abit unsure, he hesitated before saying "It's alright though, we wouldn't hold you to that rule" Itook a drink, nearly spitting it over the floor as I heard my wife say "I dont want to be known as a cheat, or breaker of rules do I, I'd better abide by the losers rule hadn't I" Steve needed no second bidding as he went over to my wife, helping her out of her chair and onto the settee. I watched breathing horsley as Steves lips found my wifes, whilst one hand sank down to her right breats,caressing it and teasing the nipple to full erection as their tongues danced together in their open mouths. Unconciously almost my own hand had gone to my heavy balls, gently caressing as I saw my wife and my mate, sprawlling on the sofa, necking and fondling each other, because by now my wife's right hand was gently caressing his erct cock.

The sound of someone knocking on the door caused the three of us to jump! motioning the others to silence I went to the front door, calling softly through it "Whoes there?" " Me, Stan" a familar voice whispered " Jen wont let me in cos I was late back from the party" another of my mates explained "C'mon, let us in " Stan pleaded " half a mo" I replied going back into the lounge where my missus and Steve were still necking hotly "It's Stan, Jenny has locked him out and he wants in" I explained to the pair " I can't refuse, he'll wonder why" I said My wife and Steve stood up " You'd better let him in then" my wife said as she picked up the disgarded clothes and, as I watched took Steves hand and led him into our bedroom! "It'll have to be here, Stan is liable to go into any of the other rooms" my wife reasoned and I watched as they went in, pushing the door to behind them. I went and opened the door to Stan, who I could see was feeling very little pain.

I made him coffee and we sat talking, my mind in the bedroom where my wife and Steve were, I guessed, still busy As son as I could after agreeing that he could bed down on the settee I bade Stan goodnight, and quitely entered mine and my wifes bedroom.

I entered in time to hear my wife bearing a purplish mark on her shoulder asking Steve if he had any protection, recieving a negative response she lent across to the bedside table, and, opening one of the drawers extracted a familiar foil covered shape "Here," she instructed, "Use this" I continued to stroke the length of my throbbin cock as I watched my wife help Steve to unwrap the condom, easing it gently over his thick cock before laying back and spreading her thighs before urging my mate to 'give it to her, let her feel it deep inside her' Steve was happy to oblige and, I watched as he, taking his weight on his arms lowered himself downward, his full length disappearing inside my wife's wet, welcoming slit.

I continued wanking myself as I watched my wife and my mate moving together, she, her legs locked at the ankles behind his waist, pushing upwards to meet his thrusts with her own as she breathlessly urged him on, pulling him deeper into her moist pussy. Steve and my wife were moving faster now, moaning sighing and groaning together as they rushed towards their climax. Suddenly, my wife groaned deply tensing upwards as Steve thrust his full length deep inside her as his cum gushed into the condom.

After a brief post play of kissing and talking softly, Steve got up and after dressing quitely left the flat. My wife and I felled into a deepish sleep. Some few hours later we were awakened by a gentle knocking on the bedroom door. Stan ha made us both coffee, he sat on the end of the bed as we three sipped the warm drinks talking about the previous nights party and the trouble Stan was in with Jenny, his wife.

"I told her to come along" Stan defended himself "Oh yes, right" my wife responded "The baby is due any day now, fancy not wanting to stay up drinking alnight" she chided him with a smile to which Stan responded with a sheepish smile of his own.

Shortly afterwards Stan left to face the music telling Stan to wait, my wife pulled on her silk dressing gown and, getting up saw him to the door where they talked briefly, by stretching across, I could just see their reflection in the dressing table mirror From the snippets of conversation I gathered that Stan was, in his amaturish way, trying to flirt with my wife. Stan was, I knew more of a drinker, than a ladies man but, as I sprawled I saw my wife reward his efforts with a little peck. before opening the front door and shepherding him out onto the landing.

Until this instance, I know that my wife had been 100% faithful. But afterwards, well things changed on that front honestly.