Written by james im 35

24 Jan 2004

You will rememer i went to a guy for a proper massage and ended up sucking his cock (im straight....well at least i thought i was) He suggested last time i went my wife might like a massage.........well i persuaded her and we went yesterday.

She got undressed and he covered her as he did me the times i went.i sat there wataching and noticed when he started doing the back of her legs his fingers went right up to the top

I sat there getting harder watching....we hadnt dicussed the masage before we went so i was just expecting him to give her a relaxing massage...anyway his hand lingered at the top of her inner thighs as he massaged them and i noticed she was sqirming abit..that made me even harder.

Iwondered what she would say or do.anyway he parted her legs a little more and stroked over her panties.

I asked her if she was ok and she mumbled yes.

The guy asked me if i wanted to learn how to massage andsuggested i massage ther other leg at the same time.

When my hands got to the top i cd feel she was getting wet.....and i wondered what i should do.

Then the guy slid her panties to one side and said .do it.

Suddenly i found myself fingering her she didnt say a thing or look round.

He took my other hand and placed it on his cock well u can imagine .fingering her and feeling his cock at the same time.

Anyway i was so turned on by then.i finger fucked her and wanked hin off till they both came..She cdnt see i was wanking him though....the end result was i came in my boxers.

He made an excuse to leave the room and then came back asked my wife to turn over and finished the massage without saying a word about what happened.

We went home my wife didnt say anything on the way home which worried me.....but..when we got home she dragged me onto the sofa and we had the best sex we have had for ages.

My problem is i think i want more cock now and she doesnt know about what i did with that guy...what shall i do??