Written by Hornyguy

17 Oct 2003

Up until now ive been having the best of both worlds fucking my gf Jan and fucking ehr mate amanda and its great.

Jan found out that on many occasions ive fucked Amanda behind her back so she likes to show us whos boss and takes control.

One evening last week Jan was working late so of I went to fuck amanda in her flat. Were on the bed and I was fucking her arse from behind as she frigged her cunt when we heard Jan shouting through the letter box just as amanda said "its Jan" I shot my come up her arse and then pulled ou. I collapsed on the bed and Amanda grabbed a towel wrapped it round her and ran to open the door telling me to hide.

I lay there and could hear Jan talking and asking Amanda if she was having fun. i then got up and put on my pants but then the door opened and in stormed Jan. I didnt no what to say and amanda stood behind Jan. Jan then laughed and said well come on then carry on you two and I will watch.

Amanda came over to the bed and dropped her towel and lay back on the bed. Jan sat on the side of the bed and pulled down my pants she then said to me" your not going to get far with them on" Amanda got her mouth round my cock and started sucking me of I had just come so it was limp, Jan was watching with fixed eyes and stroking Amandas hair as she sucked me.

Jan then said "fuck her" my cock was now hard so I opened Amandas legs wide and pushed myself in to her wet pussy, she groaned and panted I furiously pumped her and kept pumping her she was begging for more and harder. I then felt her shake and let go with her first orgasm as I shot my length all over her stomach.

Jan then got up and left without saying a word.