Written by jan

10 Dec 2003

me and my hubby last night went to a birthday party at one of our friends house ,the usual party plenty of drink ,dancing etc, plenty of couples ,singles you know what i mean.the party was in full swing we all had a lot to drink i noticed my hubby talking to another woman just his usual paying everyone attention but me ,i was feeling warm decided ti go for fresh air and a cig,was outside 5mins standing at the side of the garage and billy came out,billy is married to mandy who works with my hubby,we start talking and he starts to make compliments to me before i knew what was happening billy was bending me over the wall and shagging me ,thrusting his cock deep into my cunt he thrusted away for about 5 mins and he moaned and i felt him shoot his spunk inside me he withdrew his cock before i could stand up i felt another hard dick inside me i turned to see it was jack ,one of the older men he rammed me hard, billy turned me round stuck his cock in my mouth i eagerly sucked it until he came again in my mouth and i felt jack fill my pussy ,i pulled my skirt up and returned to the party with my hubby still talking to his new female friend unaware i had even gone out of the room.i love allsorts of cock now if anyone has any pics of nice big or small cocks send them to me and i will maybe send a nice pic of me back mmmmmm