Written by Allan_cornwall

13 Feb 2006

I’m Mike and I recently had a holiday in Tenerife with my ex wife. Jane was almost 50 and had recently moved to Tenerife to take up a new job and had bought a 2 bed roomed villa with private pool just outside Los Christianos.

I had received a letter from her a few months earlier asking me if I wanted a free holiday and I readily agreed. Although divorced from her for many years I always got on well with her. The tickets came and I arrived at the airport and checked in and made my way to the departure lounge. I was surprised to see Dave, Jane’s second husband sitting there and I sat down next to him. I was shocked to find that he was also going out to see Jane and I suggested that w best look out for Peter her third and last ex husband. Dave was laughing when he suddenly stopped and told me to look over my shoulder. There was Peter and he had seen us. He was, as we had already guessed, going to Tenerife as well and we wondered what Jane was up to.

It was fortunate that we always got on well with each other, none of us responsible for the break-up of the others marriages and we then found that we all had pre booked seats next to each other. The flight went quickly and we picked up our luggage and went to find Jane. She saw us quickly and kissed each of us in turn and laughed at us.

‘Never mind, you three, it’s a free holiday in the sun so just relax and enjoy.’

Jane was 5’8” tall with a slim body and long legs and looked tanned and well. We arrived at her villa and she showed us around.

‘I know its only 2 bed roomed but Sara next door is away and said we could use her villa as well so you’ve all got a room each. Drinks by the pool when you’re ready so see you in a few minutes.’

Dave and me went next door and threw our bags down I quickly unpacked the essentials and changed into my swimming shorts and headed to the pool. Peter was already there when Dave and I arrived and we all looked at Jane in her skimpy bikini showing her superb body, she could easily have passed for late 30’s. We swam and drank and then Jane told us what she had in mind. We all looked at each other, I was the first to recover and started to ask her if she was serious but she spoke before I could.

‘Come on think about it, I’ve slept with each of you over the past year, and none of you would object if I slept with a different one of you each night this week. All I’m asking is that we have a bit of fun and that I enjoy all three of you at the same time.’

We all had to agree that she was right so we just nodded but I, for one, was still shocked.

‘So tonight, she carried on, ‘ we’ll go out for a meal then we’ll come back here and you will all do what I want, don’t worry none of you will have to do anything you haven’t done before. Just that we’ll all be together.’

So we had a meal and then went back to the villa where Jane told us to come to her room in 5 minutes wearing our shorts and nothing else. Jane was standing by the window and as she turned we all gasped. She was wearing a low cut short silk camisole that showed her figure and long legs perfectly.

‘Come in boys, lets just relax and enjoy ourselves.’

Jane walked over to each of us in turn and kissed us on the lips with a hint of tongue while her hands brushed our shorts and felt our growing cocks. She knelt down in front of Peter and pulled his shorts down revealing his thin 9” long cock and kissed and licked it before doing the same to Dave. His cock was about 8” and thicker while mine was also about 8” but the thickest and I knew she liked her pussy to be stretched wide. As Jane stood up I walked up to her and pulled her close to me and kissed her, our tongues meeting and my hands roaming over her body. I felt her firm breasts and her hard nipples as I lowered my head and kissed them I eased the straps off her camisole and let it fall revealing her breasts to all of us. She had a skimpy thong on and she ran a finger across outlining her sex for us all to see.

‘On the bed, all of you, so I can really see what I’m going to get.’

We did as we were told, all our cocks stiff and eager and waited. Jane slipped off her thong and climbed onto the middle of the bed straddling Dave’s legs and lowered her head and kissed his cock briefly. Then she stopped and moved straight up the bed and turning round placed her shaven pussy over Dave’s mouth and he eagerly started giving it attention. After a few licks she lowered her head and starting to work on his cock again while her hands stroked Peter’s and mine. I lay enjoying her hand rubbing me and watched as she sucked at Dave’s manhood while he was sucking furiously at her clit. She moaned occasionally and had to stop briefly when he obviously hit a good spot. She slowly eased herself off Dave and moved across to Peter and did the same to him. Again, after a few minutes she stopped and moved to me, her pussy was wet with the attention from the other two and her mouth was wet with the taste from the other cocks. Her mouth wasted no time in sliding down and taking half of my manhood into her mouth and the sensations of her tongue swirling round my bell end were ecstatic.

Soon the preamble was over as she moved off me, her hair already damp and her body glistening with perspiration. She reached over her head and reached for small cup.

‘Your names are in here, the first one out get to fuck me first, so who’s going to be the lucky one?’

She offered Dave the cup and he picked a piece of paper out and as he opened it looked sad.

‘Peter,’ he said. Peter looked happy and Jane smiled as she moved back to him and kissed him on the mouth. She moved down his body and after giving his cock a brief suck she positioned herself above him and guided his cock towards her love tunnel. Holding it firm she slid it round her pussy lips before she pushed gently down and took him into her welcoming pussy. He sighed as she took him and he quickly had his full 9” in her. She bounced up and down on him and lent forward and kissed him on the lips before starting to work up speed. She was soon slipping her pussy up and down his shaft and both of them were moaning with pleasure. I stood there watching having never seen a couple having full sex close up before and starting stroking my engorged cock.

‘Take me, fuck me, fill me,’ Jane moaned, she was obviously close and I saw Peter’s body go rigid as he was climaxing and then I could tell he was pumping his cum into her. Jane cried out as she followed suit and I hoped that she was going to be able to take Dave and me as well.

Jane fell onto Peter for a few minutes then pushed herself up then picked up the cup and took the next name.


I smiled as I slipped back onto the bed and Jane quickly moved above me and slid her cum filled pussy onto my rock hard cock and it was probably the easiest a woman had come on to me. Jane was hot by now, as she wasted no time in riding my cock and crying out as my cock hit the right spot. I wondered how long she would last, as I knew I was close, but she sensed this and slowed down and lay on my chest and kissed my face and we tongued each other for a while. Then she eased her self up and started riding me again. She was bouncing on me and I moaned, as I was about to spew my seed into her. She cried out as we both came together and I looked across at Dave whose cock was still hard and eager for his turn.

Jane eased herself off me and I could see her juices and my semen running down her legs as she quickly grabbed a towel and wiped herself quickly before lying down on the edge of the bed with her legs spread-eagled as Dave walked up to her. The bed was the right height as he positioned himself at the end of the bed and guided his rigid prick into her wet open slit. He slid his tool straight in and out and then holding her hips he started thrusting himself at her. She was sopping and he was ramming her fast and furious having waited for his turn. He moaned as he quickly flooded her with her third cock of the night and as he relaxed Jane was lying on the bed absolutely exhausted, but we hadn’t finished as we all wanted more and we did throughout that night and the rest of the week. But that’s another story.