Written by Dan

7 Sep 2003

I’m 41 years old. Not particularly good-looking – to tell the truth; I’m about 5 foot 4 inches tall. Not a bad looking face but stuck on a rather ‘dumpy’ body. My bust is definitely not outstanding. I wear my bra (34C) quite tight to make my breasts look as if they are in the right place. When I take my bra off, they sag down rather sadly. My waist is too big and my bum is larger that I’d like it. My legs are on the shortish side while my stomach pokes out more than it ought to. I think my vagina is OK but I have no way to evaluate it because I’d never been with a man. I tried to shave it but finished up with a hairy mess.

I think my parents were good people but were very protective of me. I can remember when, out horse riding one day, my hymen ruptured. I was scared because of the blood and told my mother when I got home. She was angry at first but after she realised that it was the horse riding that had done it she calmed down. However, I was not allowed to go riding for a couple of months.

I left school at 18 and joined a local company as an accounts clerk. I worked my way up to senior accountant and qualified. From a work point of view, life was going fine. On the personal side, nothing ever seemed to develop. I went out with a few men who either tried to have me on the floor on the first date or we found that we bored each other to death and soon parted.

My parents died in a car crash when I was just 24 and I found myself living in their large house all by myself. I kept it immaculate and the few people who visited me made foolish remarks like, “My goodness, it’s going to be a lucky man who marries you.”

With the advent of the Internet, a new world was opened to me. At first, I was shocked when I came across my first porn site. Intrigued, I returned to it and became a regular subscriber. Most nights, I watched in fascination at beautiful girls being fucked in incredible ways by very good-looking men hung like donkeys. I dreamt of being in such a scene but knew it was just a daydream. I even bought myself a vibrator – panicking as the postman delivered it in case it would be marked ‘Vibrator’. I needn’t have worried. That first night, I tried it. The sensation was incredible. I orgasmed almost straightaway and continued to play with it for most of the night. As time went by, I found myself putting it in every hole imaginable. I particularly liked it up my bottom that made me orgasm so deeply that it became my favourite way.

I still had never had the real thing, a man. I’d looked at some of the websites such as swingingheaven but all the women there were talking about wanting to be gang banged – I hadn’t even had the smallest knock from a single man!

This summer, we had one of our staff go on maternity leave – lucky cow! We advertised for a temporary replacement and selected an old man, Dan. He had retired from many years living and working abroad and took occasional work, more for the company rather than the pay. Everybody in the office, including me, got on well with Dan. He was very good at his work and kept us amused with his stories about his life abroad. He was married and lived with his wife. He was 6’4” and quite well built. We were sitting together one day in the staff canteen chatting away. I found him very easy to talk to and probably said more than I normally would have done but, as I said, Dan was very easy to talk with. He said that he had been married for over 40 years and while he still loved his wife, since her menopause, they no longer made love. I found this a bit embarrassing and I think I blushed. Dan immediately apologized and changed the subject.

A few days later, we were again in the staff canteen and it was me that was leading the conversation. I can’t remember how on earth I came to say it but somehow it became plain that I had never been with a man. Dan raised his hand and said, “Jane, don’t think you’re the only person in the world that hasn’t made love, there are thousands like you. The real question is, do you want to?”

I stammered a pretty stupid reply along the lines, “Well, it all depends on who the man was.”

Dan said softly, “How about me?”

I was thunderstruck. I liked Dan - but as a first lover? I had always imagined someone about my age who would sweep me off my feet. This was not the sort of image Dan produced in my mind. I got up and walked away without saying anything. That night, I got out my vibrator but could only think of it as Dan’s penis. I laid awake for a long while wondering how I was going to face Dan the next morning.

I needn’t have worried. Dan was his usual cheerful self and nothing seemed to have changed between us. We broke for our coffee break and Dan said, “Jane, did you think about what I said yesterday?”

Before I could think of a reply, I burst out, “All night long.”

I blushed deeply and Dan gently put his hand on mine. “Well, would you like to do something about it?”

“Yes, please, but when and where can we get together?”

“Well, my wife is out tonight and you’ve told me about this house of yours, so does that answer your questions?”

I nodded and went back to my desk. I really couldn’t think about anything else for the rest of the day. As we closed up, Dan whispered to me. “What time?”

“Give me an hour to get the house and myself ready.”