Written by Jan

28 Feb 2005

Iam a married woman of 35 and admit to curiousity about dogging. I had looked at as many sites as I could and the idea thrilled and fascinated me. I needed to get my husband to take me but to think it was his idea and that he persuaded me. I thought that would make him all the keener and I would be able to set my own limits better than if I had suggested it.

One night I got this site up on the screen and pretending all innocence asked him what dogging was. He joined me at the computer and looked at the forum and the information. Then he turned to me and said he had often fancied trying it and was I game. I pretended some reluctance and came up with some 'What if?'type questions. I allowed myself to be persuaded and then pate said ' We could go tonight if you like'. That really was good news as it was a loveley warm day with the prospect of a warm evening. I agreed and we discussed where to go from the guide. We made no arrangements with anyone thinking it best to just see what happened. It got dark around 10.30pm so there was a lot of time before we went since the venue we had chosen was about a half hour drive away. Pete went off to the shops to prepare for any eventuality he said. When I followed this up he said he was getting condoms just in case. I wasn't sure that I wanted to go that far yet but agreed we should have them with us.

I selected my attire to allow easy access opting for a green silk blouse and shortish black skirt with black lace bra and black thong and black stockings. I took along a long thin coat just in case.

We arrived at the place without getting lost too much and found that there were bays in woodland each of which would take two or three cars. Pete drove once round to get the layout then we parked in the right of one of these bays. The night was warm and still so we had the sunroof open but the windows closed for security. The doors were of course locked. I heard a car start some little distance from us and then a Ford Escort with no lights slid into the parking space next to us. The drivers window was down but it was impossible to see his face in the dim light. Presently he got out of his car and looked around while leaning on it. I could see now that he was slim and about 30ish. He walked into the woods along one of the tracks and was lost to our view for a short time. Pete spotted him coming slowly towards us on a track which would bring him right past my window. Pete opened my blouse completely and unclipped my bra pushing it out of the way. I felt exposed as the stranger approached our car and looked away . Pete continued to caress my breasts as he was now level with the car. He walked slowly past glancing in and then stopped and walked back. He raised a hand and gave Pete a thumbs up sign receiving one in return. I still hadn't looked but felt Pete push up my skirt to show him my legs and stocking tops. I glanced to my left as he slid down the zip of his jeans and took out a semi hard cock. It looked a respectable size and I watched as he got it hard. Not bad at all. Pete slipped my thong off and I got rid of my bra putting my open blouse back on. 'Well' said Pete 'would you like to play with him or let him feel you?' I nodded dumbly. The eletric window rolled smoothly down. Our watcher put his left hand on the car and then gently moved it onto my left breast. It felt tremendously exciting. A total stranger was feeling me up . He gained confidence teasing my nipple hard and cupping both my breasts. My husband guided my hand out of the car to his cock. I closed my hand around it savouring its thick hardness before pushing his foreskin back and forth. I began to get excited and used both hands on him cupping his large balls as I stroked his cock. He had not been idle and his left hand had found my wet pussy, his thumb rubbing my clitty as his finger moved in and out. Pete watched fascinated , his own cock out and hard and his hands alternately fondling my breasts or moving my legs further apart to enhance his view. Our watcher was taking me to new heights and I felt myself starting to cum. He was even more excited as I gasped and moaned as each wave washed over me. At last I was still but still enjoying the feel of his cock. I felt Pete nudge me holding a flovoured condom out. I nodded and he passed it to me and i passed it to our watcher who lost no time in slipping it on. I drew him into the car and took his thickness into my mouth. It felt fabulous and I moved my head back and forth using my tongue under it and my hands to help. He began to groan and I felt it twitching then throbbing as he came into the condom. I made sure he was completely drained before releasing his softening cock. He slipped off the condom and tied it for safe disposal later. He cleaned himself up and told us that he usually came there on a Saturday night adding that he wouldn't hastle us but would check first with a walk by and them maybe later in the evening. He gave us his mobile number saying it was a pay as you go and he only used it for dogging. We were learning. A cheap pay as you go may be a useful thing.

He waved cherrio and drove off leaving us excited and chatting about it.Pete said it had been an amazing turn on for him to see another man's hands running over me and me holding a stranger's cock.

We agreed it had been a great experience and drove home to have a long session of sex and fantasy.

This was the first of some really sexy sessions at that place.