Written by Christine

13 Jul 2004

If you have been following the ladies night stories, you will know that I am now employed by Jan in her specialist jewelery business, providing a personal fitting service to her clients. I never realised that bondage or s&m was so big in the north east.We visit at least 3 different clients week, all involved at all levels. We have a little play with most but the most fun is saved for the party nights.

Last saturday was Jans night. Jan loves mixed parties rather than girls only. She has an outbuilding in the garden set aside for special nights, it must have been a stable in the past.

Anyway Vicki Jan sub, a girl about 20 and i were there to wait on the guests, Colin my husband was there to act as butler. There were about going to be about of us all told, twelve women eight men of various ages but mainly 40+.

Colin greeted the guests and took the coats and other clothes the guests wanted to dispose of and when the second guest arrived, a middle aged couple wanted to know why he was dressed, Jan apologised to the lady and gent who demanded that Colin Strip, to do the job, and the lady Pauline, took Jan to hall table unzipped Jans dress leaving her standing in her bra thong and stockings, pushed her down on the table walked round, stood in front of jan and grbbed her tits from her bra and nipped her nipples causing Jan to scream, at that John the Paulines husband picked up a cane from the hall stand and whipped Jan. More guest had arrived. Pauline then demanded that Jan give Vicki and I to serve her all night. Colin had gained an erection watching and was being wanked by another middle aged lady, John turned his attention to them and the lady Angela held Colins cock at length whilst John caned the erection.

When all the guests had arrived many wearing stunning sexy dresses until a the last couple, the lady or slut as she was referred to all the rest were called ladies, arrived wearing trouser, Jan told all the guests to go to the room, where the ladies disrobed the sluts cloths, ripping the trousers so the could not be worn and insult people again, she was not even wearing stockings, which are compulsory at the gatherings, optional for men. Jane the slut was fastened spreadeagled on to a frame, Pauline ordered Vicki and me to prepare her, Vicki started on her clit roughly sucking and biting it, knowing if she was gentle, Pauline would show her no mercy, I started on her small bust, making the nipples erect, Pauline got to decorated screw clips and clipped her nipples very hard, the clipped her clit, John Pushed her out of the way way whist he started to fuck her, pauline moved behind and with astrap on started to fuck her backside. her hubby was fastened to a 'horse' Leaving his cock sticking in the air which was wanked and whipped through out the night. I think everyone male and female were punished and tied at some point, Pauline had Vicki and and i in every possible way and John and us both twice and caned us for not being good enough.

Until i tried it I could not believe how pleasurable a little pain can be, if you would like to try ladies please get in touch.