Written by Arthur50

16 Jan 2004

Jane was a normal smart suburban housewife before she moved with Steve to the country, aged 53, 5ft 3ins tall, size 16 with 38DD breasts.

Her problem was she was now living in a remote rural area, isolated from everyone with her nearest neighbour being half a mile away which was fine for Steve as he was away 3 nights and four days a week on business and arriving back at the country cottage surrounded by woods was a welcome relief from the travelling and standard 3 star hotels.

But Jane couldn’t drive and had no car anyway and knew nothing of country ways and was even frightened of the moles that frequented the lawn, let alone the foxes and all the shooting that seemed to be happening day and night in the nearby woods.

One day she opened the shed door and two small grey mice ran out and straight into their kitchen through that open door and she screamed out loud in surprise and fear. She was in terrified, in shock and didn’t know what to do, there was no way she was going back indoors to phone Steve as it was his first day of the week away and anyway he never answered the phone these days and only phoned every couple of days when he was away.

She didn’t know what to do and just wandered around the garden for a while then out on to the deserted lane and sat down crying, wishing they had never moved away from the City to this god forsaken place. It was Steve’s idea, he said it would improve their relationship if they worked at it, which was a joke, she slept in the 2nd bedroom because of his snoring and they hadn’t had sex for more than 3yrs and it was very rare before that so she soon didn’t bother much with her appearance and always dressed in just old tops and skirt or a loose fitting dress and never wore a bra unless she went out, which was rare, because it didn’t matter as she was just an old frump now, as Steve often said when they fell out.

Suddenly two young men, probably in their thirties, appeared from the nearby wood carrying guns and approached her.

“Are you ok” one asked, “We heard a scream”

She told them about the mice and they laughed, thinking that funny and told her mice were common in the country and asked if she had anything edible in the shed and she said she was storing some bin bags of old food and rubbish in there because they missed the rubbish collection last week.

They looked at each other and laughed and told Jane she was lucky it wasn’t Rats and offered to get rid of the mice if she made them a cup of tea and a sandwich.

She readily agreed to that and they set about searching the kitchen for the mice while she waited in the garden, there was no way she was going indoors yet and even worried in case they used their guns.

She heard furniture being moved around and banging but it was about half an hour before they triumphantly appeared with the two mice, which were now dead, and disposed of them in the wood at the back of the garden for her.

They introduced themselves as local farm workers as she then made them tea with some bread and cheese and they all sat around the kitchen table chatting for a while, which was nice for Jane, as she now talked to herself most days and one of them soon commented on the mole mounds around the lawn.

She told them she had seen one poking its head out of the top of one mound and they laughed when she said she had no idea how to get rid of them and her husband worked hard and was away a lot in the week, preferring to relax over the weekend.

They offered to get rid of them for her, check the shed for any more mice and get rid of the rubbish as well which really surprised her and she didn’t know what to say.

They told her that country folk all looked after each other and she was a very attractive woman with a lovely figure, although they would still help her if she wasn’t so nice looking. It had been years since anyone had complimented her like that, especially two good looking younger men and she knew she must have looked awful in that old dress and she felt herself blushing and felt embarrassed.

She looked again across the table at them and both of them were really quite hairy, masculine and over six feet tall, broad shouldered and towered over her. One of the men stood up and walked around the table and placed his large hands on her shoulders, squeezing them as he told her she was a lovely little woman and needed taking care of and not just be left here on her own like this. The light touch of his large hands on her shoulders somehow comforted her and made her relax and feel quite funny as she smiled and told him it felt nice, without thinking first.

He smiled and told her to trust him and close her eyes, which she did, and then after massaging her a little more moved his hands off her shoulders and then down, clasping and fondling her breasts, which made her jump but she didn’t object as she suddenly felt quite excited and surprisingly not frightened at all.

He told her most of the women around there don’t wear a bra so she is doing right and to relax and keep her eyes closed and she did, not really knowing why and after gently squeezing her breasts he carefully and slowly undid the buttons at the front of her dress down to her waist. She kept her eyes shut as he opened the front of the dress wide and slipped it off her shoulders and down to her waist, immediately complimenting her on her soft full breasts as he clasped and fondled them again but in the flesh now and admired her nipples.

She felt this was wrong but just wanted him to continue and didn’t resist and enjoyed the attention after so long without any and he then slipped one hand down between her legs and she suddenly remembered she hadn’t bothered with panties as they would only have to be washed.

He noticed though, feeling her full mound of soft and curly pubic hair which was already wet around her pussy so he slipped his finger easily between her lips and inside her pussy and began to move it around until he found her clitoris.

He played with her pussy for a few minutes with one hand and her breasts with the other and she moaned with pleasure but kept her eyes shut and suddenly without warning he lifted her up as if she was as light as a feather and on to the Kitchen table, on her back, dress now up around her waist which, in one move, he lifted right up and over her head, discarding it on the floor, and she was naked.

In another quick move he took hold of her legs and pulled her to him and she felt his cock pressing against her lips and without any hesitation he thrust slow but steadily deep inside her in one move, forcing her open after all this time and she screamed out at first but was well lubricated from her own orgasm and actually accommodated it easily enough and she could feel he was very hard as he thrusted in and out as she still kept her eyes shut but couldn’t help suddenly crying out how good it felt.

She wanted him to keep on thrusting and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer, but he soon increased speed and came with one final lunge and filled her with his cum, slapping the cheeks of her bum as he did, which she quite enjoyed.

No sooner had he cum then he stepped back and pulled up his trousers, fastened the waist then easily lifted Jane up off the table and carried her upstairs without saying a word, quickly followed by the other guy and they entered the 2nd Bedroom and he lay her on the top of the bed as they undressed themselves.

Jane opened her eyes then and saw both of them were thick set with coarse, hairy chests and muscular bodies with above average cocks standing up hard and proud.

Strangely, nothing was said as they both joined her on the bed and she didn’t think about it but enjoyed the moment as they first each kissed her in turn and both had her lay in different positions and took it in turns as they fucked her again and again while she sucked the other one.

One of them really excited her with his tongue until she had another orgasm which she had never experienced like that before and she sucked them both willingly and swallowed all the cum without hesitation, which she had never done with Steve.

After a couple of hours they all lay on the bed exhausted with Jane between them and she was amazed she had willingly allowed it all to happen and enjoyed it from the start without any resistance or hesitation. She had guilt feelings of course but they paled against the orgasms and the fun she had just experienced.

After a while they both dressed as she lay there naked and when they had finished one of them told her how much they had enjoyed the afternoon and they could tell she did as well, although not much was said. Jane smiled and said she agreed but it was all down to those poor mice and they laughed.

They told her she will fit in well there and not to change, always leave the bra and panties off in future and dress just the same way, it is the way women dress around here, they will introduce her to some other women at the pub and she will see and this afternoon was just a taster of what delights she will have from now on and they will be visiting her again. One asked her how long Steve was away so she told them four days and three nights every week at which he said he had a couple of jobs to do but would be back in about 3hrs so don’t bother getting dressed, just slip her dressing gown on as she will be soon in bed again.

Jane said she would have to think about that but they both laughed as one of them then jumped back on the bed, turned her on her tummy and playfully spanked her, but quite hard, and said there is nothing to think about as he could tell how much she needed and enjoyed that like they did and from now onwards she will have the security she needs and can always feel safe at the cottage, never have any more vermin and he will bring some traps back for the moles tonight.

He laughed as he told her that us country folk all look after each other and from now she will be certainly be one of us and well looked after and as an afterthought told her he had to be up at 5.00am for work and would be grateful for a full cooked breakfast as he will be knackered, like her, laughing.

That much was very true, her life was really transformed, she did meet a number of local men and women, was accepted and certainly was going to be well looked after, more than she expected. They both visited her regularly , Tuesday to Friday, together and separately at times, sometimes for immediate sex in whatever room they found her in, sometimes staying the night and occasionally introducing her to a friend or two from the local farming community, including Big Henry, the 6ft 6ins, 24 stone giant of a man in many ways, which was a story in itself, and old Harold who was 68 and had the vigour of a 40yr old.

Jane became friendly with Sally and Ann who were local women in their late thirties and they introduced her to fun with other women which was all new to her but enjoyable and considered quite acceptable to the close nit community and joked about in the pub by the men.

Sometimes the pub closed at 11.00pm but the doors were locked and the women, including Jane had fun with the men and as they wore no underwear much fun was had without undressing completely.

Steve was oblivious to all this and just liked his routine of resting at the weekend but soon commented on how happy she was now and how well she seemed to have settled in the country. The lawn was now clear of any moles, the garden was pristine and the greenhouse and shed were amazingly tidy and well ordered. Jane smiled wondering what he would say if he knew she enjoyed herself with a number of the local farm workers and women at home three or four days a week and at the evening in the pub sometimes , who really did all the work for her.