Written by Buttler

21 Jan 2007

I still cannot believe I have done it but what the hell. I live with a woman but do not love her. I have been less and less interested in her as time goes on and for a while I have been having fantasies about sucking cock. I joined a few gay dating sites but never pursued itn

Well I thought nothing more of it until one Friday when the missus was stopping with her parents and my mate, Jaz, came over to watch some TV and sink a few cans. Well after a few cans of strong lager we decided to watch a bluey. After a few minutes I started to get hard and I noticed Jaz did as well. So I said to Jaz would he mind if I had a wank while watching the porn. He sort of seemed a bit indifferent to the idea but then said as long as he could. So I agreed. He had a reasonably large dick and we were both hard in seconds and here I was sitting next to a cock knowing I have wanted to suck one for ages. So I took a deep breath and grabbed it for him and started wanking him. From his moans I knew he was enjoying it. So I got down on my knees and took him in my mouth. God it tasted so good. I worked his shaft like a hoover and within minutes his dick was twitching and he was bucking in and out of my mouth. I thought shit he is going to shoot, what do I do with it. Too late as a stream hit the back of my throat. I just swallowed for all I was worth and sucked him clean.

Well we sat there and said nothing after that but I am itching for a re-match.