Written by Rideout

5 Jul 2006

As discussed in my previous post, Jealous Husband, 28th June, there are many cuckolds that don’t simply find our wives being fucked by other men a turn on but also humiliating and at times physically sickening.

Now is currently one of those times. We visited an ex-work colleague of mine who now lives in France whilst returning from a week’s break at Easter.

It soon became clear to me that my wife was very taken with my friend’s 18 year old son; she is 37 and I have always been particularly jealous when she is with younger men. Fortunately, his parents did not notice her flirting outrageously with him, and we only stayed a few hours and when we left I was almost ecstatic that nothing had happened.

However, she started running on about him almost as soon as she had got in the car and she admitted that she had got his mobile number, which she texted at least a dozen times before we got back – she had great pleasure showing me the last few message, which I cannot bear to repeat.

After a few days I thought no more of it, although I continued to suffer from other encounters she had. However, last week she informed me that he was considering returning to England to go to university next year and that he would be staying with us whilst visiting some universities.

It was also made clear that he would be ‘sleeping’ in our bed and if I didn’t like it that was tough. In fact if I didn’t like it she would enjoy it all the more. Unfortunately rather than retain some pride, I begged her and begged her not to let him into our bed and even for him not to come. I was pathetic, down on my knees, tears and I lost count of the number of times I said please.

However bad I thought it would be, the past few hours have exceeded expectations. He arrived about 4 hours ago, prior to which they had been talking by mobile for an hour or so. They had each other’s clothes off before they got out the hall and when I tried to walk off I was told that I should not be rude and should stay to greet my guest.

I tried to ignore him in France but he has turned out to be an arrogant little sod that desperately enjoyed rubbing my nose in it as soon as he arrived. They are now in my bed and the door has been deliberately left open so I can hear everything that is going on. He has been calling her all sorts of names, which I hate and am not going to repeat about the lady I still love and respect more than anyone on earth - I just wish I could shut the little bastard up; my wife has not stopped moaning and begging for more, and only a few seconds ago stopped screaming the house down as she had yet another orgasm – I am not sure if it is just that I wanted it to stop so desperately but it seemed to last for at least 5 bloody minutes.

I am, I admit, as hard as a rock and am having great difficulty not wanking myself off, but I know if I do, all I will have left is the jealousy and the pain. I have already been physically sick, I am shaking with nerves and excitement and humiliation – typing this post has taken forever, but it has helped me not get too agitated.

If anybody would like to contact me, hopefully with ideas of how to feel better or best of all reclaim my wife, I would be delighted.

The address was presented to me by two of my wife’s friends who get great pleasure from encouraging her and helping to rub my nose in it.

Now I am being called to go to them. I dread to think what I am going to see or what I am wanted for.