Written by david

4 Sep 2005

i have been going out with jenny for a few months now and last week she told me of her desire to have sex while an older guy watched us. we are both twenty and we decided that we would try the internet to see if we could meet a guy. after a few time wasters we managed to find a gentleman who was 56. jenny liked the picture of him and he seemed nice. jenny is good looking and has 36c boobs and long ginger hair and looks much younger than twenty, the guy was bald and had a bit of a belly but jenny liked him and i thought at least she wouldnt run of with him so i thought he seemed like a safe bet. we arranged a date and he met us at jennys house while her parents were away for the weekend. jenny was wearing a sexy tight black dress and nothing on underneath. anyway the guy was called john and he came in and we had a bottle of wine and got to know each other. he was a nice man and as the evening wore on john asked us if we wanted to have sex so he could watch. john pulled down jennys dress and she layed on some cusions completly naked on the floor and parted her legs. i undressed and layed between her legs and pushed my self inside her. we were both really turned on and jenny began panting as i thrusted into her. the thought of this guy watching made me shoot my load into her shaven pussy after a couple of minutes and when i pulled out i could see john was dissapointed. it all happend so quickly but jenny called him over and asked him to fuck her.i stood there and watched as john pulled his trousers down and got between my girlfreinds legs. i watched as his arsed cheeks squeezed as he fucked her tight wet hole pumping at her while she screamed with delight. after about five minutes jenny came and john then thrusted at her one last time then shot his load into her minge.he rolled of and they both layed there side by side giggling. it was such a turn on and i grabed jenny and pulled her up and took her upstairs with john in tow. we both snogged her and took turns shagging her from every position we could think off and then we both shot our load over her tits.it was a great night and the next morning i woke late to find jenny sucking johns cock in the spare room. he couldnt get enough of her and i watched him shagging her all morning. anyway a week went by and we aranged for john to go away with us for the weekend and he said he would and that he may bring his mate from work with him and jenny is really looking forward to having sex with them both but that is going to be another story if it happens.