Written by Mark

10 Dec 2004

Hi my name is Mark and I am a bar manager at a a large hotel on Jersey.Throughout the holiday season I get hundreds of offers of sex from allsorts of women,the young,the middleaged,and not so young,of course I have to refuse for fear of loosing my job.

Last July there was this one girl,Marian,I noticed in particular that was always sent to the bar to get the drinks in by her three mates.This happened night after night.I got chatting to her one evening,they were there for two weeks and it seemed that her friends had only invited her along at the last minute to make up the numbers and were only on holiday for sun,booze and sex.

On my day off I usually take in a round of golf at Gorey.It was while I was filling up my car that I noticed Marian sitting on the harbour wall in tears.It turned out that her friends had dumped her and driven off leaving her to find her way back to the hotel.To cheer her up I offered to show her some of the sites tourists miss while on the island,and even throw in lunch.Marian reluctlantly agreed and we set off for the grand tour.

As the afternoon progressed she seemed to buck up and asked me what was my favourite place on the island.I offered to show her a place I had found that offered her great views and tranquillty.Very soon we were up by the race course and walking over the cliff footpath to where I showed her my "hideaway".Marian asked if we could sit a while and enjoy the sun.We were there for an hour or so before she said she was ready to go back.As Marian got up she lost her balance and fell against me knocking us both over to the ground.Without thinking I started to kiss her and she responded before she broke away gigggling that her friends would be jealous if the could see her now.I was about to get up when she pushed me back down and resumed kissing me saying she was horny and wanted us to make love.We both helped each other remove our clothes and were soon naked.Marian took my cock and began to give me a sensational blow job and soon had me hard.I moved her round so that her arse and fanny were positioned over my face and pulled her down onto my mouth and tongue.She wiggled as my tongue probed deep inside her tasting her warm juices as they flowed out filling my mouth.She rubbed her mound against my chin and soon peaked sending even more warm juices over my face.Marian`s movements on my cock continued and I felt myself cum,pumping my seed into her mouth.She continued to suck and swallow until I felt drained and my cock went slack.Marian joined me in a post coital hug where she thanked me.I asked her if she wanted to go back but she replied she want to feel me inside her and began to wank my cock,I responed by moving my hand to her fanny and fingered her slit and clit.My mouth went to her breasts and teased her nipples,sucking them into my mouth.Soon she was pleading for me to fuck her.I was about to roll her over when she said she wanted it doggy style and got up onto all fours.I slipped behind her and guided myself into her warm wet fanny.Reaching around I felt for her breasts and massaged them as I thrusted in and out of her.I felt her hand reach between her thighs and stroke my balls before she moved to her clit and rub herself.We almost came together,Marian cumming first and as we collapsed to the ground I shot my load.We cleaned each other with some wetwipes she had in her bag before dressing and returning to my car.

That evening in the bar Marian looked like the cat who had got the cream while her friends looked miserable,it seemed that as hard as they tried no-one was interested in them and their tarty behaviour.Marian asked if she could spend my next day off with me at my special place.I said weather permitting we could take a picnic and make a full day of it.Marian said she couldn`t wait.