29 Jul 2019

THE EUROPEAN SPA EVENT – (names are private and initials are used to ensure privacy of all)

Enjoying the skiing and Apres-ski on this winter holiday so exhausting, JJ & J decide to relax in the resort town spa set in the middle of town. After locating the Spa trudging through snow and ice they both enter a welcoming reception, complete the registration documentation supplied with gowns towel they go make their way to the changing area. Things are placed in the appropriate lockers. Both JJ & J are naked when the spa assistant enters she advises them the rules procedures in the establishment, she then proceeds to show them the facilities available for their use. The usual Steam room’s, Wet room, Turkish bath, Sauna, Pool and Jacuzzi. There are a small number of guests using the facilities, the majority being male with the odd couples and single females too.

The Wet room activities with the hosing down using the high-pressure water jets nearly knock them both over such power, both the spa attendants being amused at the actions of them both. J notices particular attention from one of the female attendant helping JJ experience the full effects of these HOT water jets even to the point of teasing JJ, who welcomes this approach and lets her know she is enjoying it especially when the water jet is directed in between her legs at crutch height. Hum JJ says most invigorating the assistant beacons for JJ to turn around and again aims the jet at both her bottom cheeks and progressing to the sensitive area in between her thighs into the crutch area most pleasing it is. JJ bends down and spreads her legs apart allowing the assistant to apply the water jet to directly concentrate on the area of her bottom and crutch pussy area. The attendant is enjoying the fun and action as well as JJ much to the enjoyment of them both eyes and body movements say it all. The assistant helps JJ in towelling paying special attention and time to her breasts and crutch. J is receiving Similar attention too with a difference, his assistant is being particular careful around his crutch area. He appreciates the staff’s accuracy with the COLD water jet both enjoying and laughing out loud their appreciation. Occasionally this assistance is also teasing J with the direction of the powerful jet in between his bottom cheeks. It is agreed by all they should swap now with JJ experiencing the cold jet and J experiencing the hot jet water treatment, both enjoys the treatment and fun along with the two spa assistants, every one ends up absolutely drenched and laughing.

The two staff members direct them both into the Sauna room; a full jug of water is applied to the hot coals, generating even more steam. Another couple join them in the sauna, it is apparent both the females having some bush on them both, quite an erotic look with the steam generating small globules on their pubic hairs which is glistening in the light and giving every one a sensational view. JJ notices the other female is admiring J man hood, comparing it to her own man’s size and girth such a turn on. Assuming the other couple are foreign JJ comments on how erotic it is laying naked in here with another couple naked, she continues to say they look fit she refers to the woman eyeing up J manhood with envy bet she like to feel that in her. They laugh and so do the other couple smiling too then the woman says “and why not” she’s English JJ is really taken back with this response. They all interact in general conversations with the odd innuendos thrown in by all, so enjoyable with each parading their body to the others. They all agree to meet up later for drinks after they have all received their individual treatments rules are rules they all agree on. (This is another separate event we will post shortly)

While’s drying himself J is watching JJ enter down the steps into the Jacuzzi area walking steadily towards a stout male who is sat directly opposite the steps. His eyes are nearly popping out seeing this naked female form coming down the steps towards him with her naked body all glistening her large firm breasts with both nipples erect and the hairs on her crutch glistening at his eye level. He thinking shes going to walk right into me, at that moment she smiles and turns to the right taking the seat next to him, he is over joyed she has picked this spot and he can feel his man hood starting to stir below there in the water. He is thankful The bubbles are quite vibrant helping conceal his rising member down below. JJ breasts are above the water level and he can not help looking admiring them. JJ is aware and smiles again at him, he is so excited and is tempted to touch and caress her body at that moment JJ has adjusted her self and slides further down the shelf thus only her neck and head are above the bubbling water level she has also brushed her cheeks against his thighs arousing him even further he ventures his hands to caress JJ thighs initially on the outside and slowly venturing inside her thighs JJ opens her legs further apart to allow his hands easy access. She nods at him pleasingly he understands she wants more and is accepting his bold move he continues caressing her thighs upwards, slowly venturing further in with his fingers on her out and inner lips now further into her he insert one then two then three fingers working them into her pussy rolling them in a circular motion. He feels JJ grip his hard member working on it rolling it too in a circular motion imitating his move, wow this is heaven he says looking at JJ she too is excited and smiles her approval.