Written by fuztownsend

22 Jul 2005

This true story happened about ten years ago when i was 20. Still gets me

hot and horny thinking about it now !!

At the time I was seeing this girl called Beth. She was a nice girl, a bit

prim and proper but she loved getting dirty in bed.

The one thing she never ever done was give me head..which pissed me off a

little bit but she maintained that a French exchange student had forced her

some years previously and she hadent liked it since..

Anyway we were round at her parents one friday night when they were

away,slowly getting pissed, phoning friends, readying ourselves to go out

into town.. I was feeling randy as I hadent seen her all week and wanted to

get her into the sack.. she refused, but with a bit of a slutty look in her

eyes, knowing that she would be up for it after we came back from the pub.

The doorbell goes and in walks her friend Jo.

Now Jo was a couple of years younger at 18, she had strawberry blonde hair,

legs to die for and average size breasts. I liked Jo as she was a bit of a

dirty cow and she flirted with most people, including me. Never anything too

bad but loads of looks, winks and the occasional grab of my bollocks!! This

was great and I always liked having her around..

Beth was getting ready upstairs, having a shower, getting dressed for the

night..you know how long it takes the girls!!

Me and Jo were left to our selves downstairs in the kitchen.. We were

drinking loads of wine and we started chatting about her previous

boyfriends. she was saying how useless they all were and how she was getting

frustrated. I said I could help her out with that with a cheeky grin and she

just smiled back..I was still feeling horny and kept on asking 'so youre

frustrated then jo? go on let me help...'

'I wouldnt mind but i dont want to upset Beth.. shes a good friend..'

with this Beth walked in looking real sexy in her going out outfit.. and me

and Jo pretended to be talking about friends or something..

Anyway we all went out and got progressivly more drunk in the Royal Oak and

then the local club.

About 4 hours later Beth was getting hornier and she said she wanted me to

take her home and make her come.. I didnt want to dissapoint so we told Jo

we were leaving.. She said she would come as she only lived up the road from

Beth. When we got near Beth's house we decided that we shold all go in and

have a couple more drinks.

We all crashed out watching MTV and chatting away and I remembered what jo

was talking about earlier on.. 'Jo's frustrated Beth, says she's all randy

and shes got nobody to shag!'

'that makes a change' beth said taking the piss, but then she said 'i know

how she feels.. im horny right now..' with that she grabbed my dick through

my trousers and started to rub it up and down.. This was all silly and

everybody was giggling..then I pipped up 'Jo why dont you have a go' At this

i thought Beth would get a bit shirty but she just looked at me and


'yeah go on Jo.. see if you can make him harder'

I didnt need much pursuasion and was reaching over to kiss Beth as both her

and jo were playing with my cock...

Now I cant quite remember who done it but I heard my belt buckle and my fly

being undone..at this my cock went rigid and i had 4 hands stroking it!!

I came up for some air with my jeans and boxers round my knees. I stood up

and told the girls 'Im naked, why dont you two get nakid too?..'

With this I knew there was no turning back for Beth who was taking her top

of and unbuttoning her trousers.. she sat back down in her knickers and bra

and gave Jo a wicked grin. 'Go on Jo were all geting nakid and horney..join


With this Beth shuffled alnog the sofa and reached out towards Jo's breasts.

Now I knew Beth didnt have a problem with girls but she never told me she

didnt mind playing with them.. I was still standing up in front of the sofa

watching my girlfriend in her underwear playing with her mates tits.. Jo

wriggled out of her clothes and when they only had just there underwear on

Beths hands slid down to play with Jo's pussy.. with this I knelt on the

sofa so beth could wank me off as she rubbed her friends dampening

knickers.. after about two or three minutes of this we were all so hot and

we all just got nekid . Beth knelt down in front of Jo and started to suck

her nipples working her way down..slowly opening her legs.. I was next to Jo

on the sofa.

It's so hot to see your girlfriend going down on one of her mates and as I

sat there Jo reached over and started to wank my cock.. I moved closer and

she started to lick and suck it.. Beth was looking up and saying to Jo 'Go

on Jo..suck his cock....you love it you dirty cow..hehehehe' Beth loved to

talk dirty when she was horny!!!

Beth went back to eating Jo out. This went on for a good five minutes and Jo

was an expert at sucking cock... Beth didnt want to feel left out so I got

behind her and started to finger her pussy from behind.. she was so wet and

hot from eating Jo out. after a few strokes I pushed my cock into her as she

played with her clit. It didnt take long for all three of us to come and

colapse in a heap.. As all three of us had lost our inhibitions we were

laughing and joking and sweating together.. we all went upstairs and fell

into bed..

Now im not the best after a night on the booze and a good shag so I dozed

off quite quickly..

After what must of been only about an hours sleep I woke up to the sound of

beth moaning beside of me..I quickly realised what was going on and in the

dim half light I could see Jo going down on Beth. Beth gave me a wicked

smile and it wast long before my cock was hard again.

Wanking away watching Beth and Jo, I knelt up and could see jo's pale arse

sticking up in the air. This was too much too resist and I moved round the

back of her and started to tounge her from behind..soon both Beth and Jo

were moaning and loving having there pussys licked.. I didnt want to

dissapoint Jo and I know she needed a cock, so after a minute or two I

slipped my cock into her tight pussy.. It felt so good to be thrusting in

and out of Jo and watching her eat Beth out at the same time... the moans

and groans and sheer delight took over us all again and I came just after jo

collapsing in a seweaty heap once again

This was the first time i had seen beth been with another girl and we both

rearlly enjoyed it..

It wasnt long after that me and beth split, but i will never forget that