Written by Kim and John

4 Oct 2005

What a weekend!!!John and I went to a show in town and during the break , we met up with a lady who used to be John's neighbor when he was in college. John had told me about her, that he used to go to her place for lunch and she would let him fuck her too. She was wuite a sight for sore eyes. A tall and classy women with a trim body, though her hair was gray, she wore it well, and was very sexy.

We decided to have a drink after the show. At the bar Janine told us that she was there alone, but that she lived close nearby, and would need someone to walk her home. We said we would. While we had our drink John and her kept making innuendos about the times they had years back. I told Janine," I heard all about you ....John tells me you were quite a fun partner". Janine responded with," Well, he was easy to seduce,....whichis something that I love to do"...with that she rubbed John's leg...John smiled and said, "Careful what you hope for". I said, "You know Janine, if you want to relive old times, I would be more than happy to lend you John for a couple of hours"...with that she squealed and said, "only if you join us honey"...With that I stood up and said, " Let's go to your place".

When we got into the appartment, we realized that we hadn't asked if she had a husband or boyfriend. She made us feel comfortable when she told us that her husband was away on business for a week.

The apartment was quite fancy, with a doorman too, so when she asked if we wanted to have a jacuzzi, we agreed.

We walked into the condo bathroom, and were treated to a huge sunken in jacuzzi...Janine turned on the water and siad, "Lets get a glass of wine". With that we went to the kitcen and stood around waiting for th ejacuzzi to be ready. Janine took the bull by the horns and asked," So, have you guys done anything like this before...a threesome?" I told her that we swing very often and that we love it with two women becaue I am bi-sexual. Janine said that she too is bisexual. With that she asked if she could kiss me, I said, " I was hoping you'd never asked" John stood and watched us, just our lips caressing each other since we had glasses in our hands. John then ut his wine glass down and asked if he could help us out of our dresses. Sure we said and we walked toward the liing room, where John proceeded to undo Janines zipper. Her dress fell to the floor revealing a black bra and sexy see-thru lace panties. She still had her heels on....we continued our kissing. Then John undid mine and put both dresses gently on the couch. By that time, the water was ready and John said, "Jacuzzi time",,....we walked over hand in hand with John enjoying our two asses in panties. Janine has a nice body. Very trim, her stomach flat, but wrinkly because of childbirth, but a nice ass, and nice small titties. Mine are medium size, but very perky, and John tells me I have the hottest ass in the world. John started to undress watching us , still kissing a fondling each other...He got naked, his half hard cock getting quite a rude awakening. Janine smiled and said, " Mmmmmm I haven't had that in a long time"..we giggled and helped each other out of our lingerie, taking a suck or two and a feel here and there in the process. She was already wet and told me that she had been horny all day and that we were her saviours because she was tired of using her vibrator. We clmbed into the tub with John who was already slowly stroking his cock, and he said," Let me watch you two for a bit..." so Janine and I upped the intensity and before you know it , I'm sitting on the edge of the tub with my legs spread out and Janine is licking my clit while John is wanking his hard cock sayng dirty things like, " Yeah...lick her clit...she's sooooo fuckin wet"...Janine made me cum in minutes and then asked " Do you mind if I let John fuck me?"...." not before we suck him off, because he won't last!"...so we had Johnsit on the edge, and then we stroked and sucked him, one on hois balls, the other on the shaft, trading our spit and milking him slowly but surely....evetually he yell, " I'm cuuuuummmmming!!!!!!!" and shot a load all over Janine's hands and my face. "Now he's ready for you"....with that Janine said, Let's go to bed...We all dried off and Janine got on all fours and said, "Fuck me John.....fuck me like you used to"....John was half soft, but I knew that once he entered her wet hole that he would get hard in seconds....sure enough he strted off slowly then sped up...Janine was in seventh heaven..."aw....aw...fuck yeah!!!!" I stood behing John and every so often took his cock out and gave it a suck and wank him too....then guided his cock back into her pussy...I also slapped his ass a few times encouraging him to fuck her harder....Janine came once or twice ( bitch!!! I can only cum having my clit rubbed or licked!) and John was almost ready to explode again....he asked"Where do you want it?" Janine answered" all over my ass....with thathe pulled out and I finished him off manually on her ass.....when he has done jerking, I asked Janine if it was okay for me to play with her a while...she said, " sure honey, I"m not nearly done yet"....So I kept her on all fours and used John's cum as lubricant to tease her clit, then used my other hand and fingers to tease her asshole...Janine said, "I don't do anal"...I told her to relax, that John wasn't going to fuck her, but that I would gently play with her and that she would experience a mind-blowing orgasm if she trusted me...."okay, but be gentle" she answered. So I slowly rubbed her clit with one hand and slowly inserted a finger in her ass....John came and helped finger fucking her pussy...before long Janine was screaming and bucking like crazy...She fell on the bed in a heap aand I went to wash up. When I came back, she was lying there saying, " Fuck, noone has ever played with me there...that was amazing...now I would like feel what a cock would do"...John loves to fuck ass ( mine only if I am drunk!) and asked if she had lube...She point to the night table and John started to lube up her asshole and his cock...I also wanked him to get him really hard....you cannot be soft for assfucking...He played with her hole, one finger, then two ,then slowly started to inch his cock into her ass...she kept her head on the pillowand whined a bit, but eventually he was half way in and started to stroke in and out, adding lube as he went...I could tell from the look on his face that he was loving it. I then sat back and played with my clit wile I watched John give her what she wanted....Eventually they were rocking back and forth pretty good and he said" oooooo I'm almost there...!!!" Janine told him, " Cum in my ass you fucker!".....What a dirty mouth she had, but then again , she was being fucked in the ass!!! I came with a shudder and John shot another load into her hole. Eventually Janine and I sixty-nined each other for another couple of cums...all in all a special nite and we decided to get back together again soon.