Written by jonjon

25 Nov 2004

One of our first dogging sexual encounters was with a guy named John. John was a builder and was the one responsible for all the holes in the local toilet, anyway, that's really bye the bye.

Sue had watched him wank through the holes in the wall several times before we had the first proper meet. We met up at the toilets and proceeded to a local picnic area which can be fairly quiet that time of year. 'Where do you want me to go?' she asked.

'Picnic table there will be ok'I said. 'I should be able to see from here'.

Sue got out of the car and started towards John's van, when he saw her, he got out and they both headed towards the table. Sue sat on the bench seat and I could just about make out her fumbling with his zip. I'm thinking, this is crap, I can see didley squatt when suddenly they,re both heading back towards me.

Sue got back in the car and said 'He's got a workshop we can go to if you are ok with it, It'll be a bit warmer than here'

'Ok' I said, 'Am I invited'.

The 'NO' was resounding, I thought the idea was for me to watch and enjoy her being screwed by another guy. She obviously had other ideas. The drive to the workshop was a short one and for the life in me I wasn't expecting it to be quite so big, he obviously had a nice little business going for him.

We parked up, he got out of his van and Sue said 'See you later'.

I know she was nervous, but my heart was pounding in anticipation of what she might do out of my sight. As they entered the building a series of lights went on at ground floor level then some went off then some went on on the first floor. I just sat watching and I dont know why, looked at my watch. For fucks sake she'd only been in there a couple of minutes.

This is what transpired, when they went into the building Sue was a little unnerved by the darkness and seemingly emptiness of the place. Hence all the lights going on and off he as just showing her round. They finished up in his office, he, being a gentleman put a heater on and shut the door. 'Wont take long to warm up' he said and at the same time making a clumsy grab for her tits. Not sure what he thought he could feel through the coat she had on.

'Slow down a little and relax a bit' she said while unzipping his pants, his face was already a rosy red and it wasn't the heater. Sue knelt down, undid his belt and pulled down the front of his pants exposing a not too large but very stiff and wet cock. If there's one thing Sue excells at it's sucking cock, I can imagine the look on his face as she teased him, licking the end of it then just taking an inch or so in then out again. She's sucking his cock, taking more and more in each time then pulled her party trick (not that she'd ever done it at a party) down her throat it went. To all you ladies who can practice this art, you know it's not something you just do without throwing up, takes a lot of practise and perseverance. To the guys who've never had it, dont know what your missing. Sometimes a massive cock isn't that much of a benefit.

'Oh you greedy cunt' he shouts out, Sue still laughs about that to this day. Sufficiently sucked Sue stood up and unbuttoned her coat, it was a three quarter bright green 'Fucking horrible thing' but what was underneath obviously distracted him. Slipping the coat off she's stood there in black undies and stockings and his hands are all over her. 'Let me fuck you' he said.

Fucking bitch said no, not on the first meet! Again I can imagine his face, he's just had a 20 minute sucking, she's stood in front of him almost naked his hands are all over her and she say's no.

'Please, please, you know you want it' he's saying, how the fuck she could say no when she had hold of his cock is beyond me. Thing is at the time she meant it but relented (see lads it pays to beg sometimes) and said where do you want me. John turned her round, bent her over the desk and proceeded to have his way 'Thinks' Sue's waiting to feel the cock slipping inside her and, nothing, just a lot of fumbling and muttering.

Sue twigged what it was, her being of ample proportions and an arse that just sreams 'Fuck me' him being rather slight in stature, he couldn't find the fucking hole, any hole. She got up turned round and sat on the edge of the desk, 'Now, you'll get in this way'. Lifting her legs up John was into her no problem, Sue said he was the colour of a freshley cooked lobster and shagging like a Jack Russel terrier hold of a rat. She swore blind that at one time he was levitating with his feet off the ground, she's got a nice fanny but it's not that strong. He didn't even make a move to 'empty her bra' strange guy faced with DD tits.

He's shagging his heart out and Sue's thinking 'If only it was a bit longer'

'Go on ,fuck me John' she never got another word out, he exploded inside her, gasping then collapsing on his knees. Sue just sat, not sure what to do next, spunk was running out of her onto his desk. 'Look at the mess' she said you'd better clean that up and proceeded to put her coat on. 'Yes it's ok, I'll do it when you've gone, hope we can meet again'.

Sue came out the workshop and she didn't look any different to when she went in, looked at my watch and it was 40 minutes, she got another two hours at home.