Written by jonjon

23 Nov 2004

We are a middle aged couple 50/55 and married for 30 years. During that time we've had many and varied experiences involving just about every aspect of sex. Sue is a large lady, basically a shy person, but when she's turned on she's a multiple orgasmic fuck machine. Our latest 'fad' for the last couple of years, has been to visit the local dogging areas around our own town of Burnley. More often than not we have a play around in the car, normally get one or two guys interested and let them watch and if they suitabley impress Sue with their size (she's got a thing about big cocks) they'd get to join in.

This particular Sunday night was different, I can imagine now if the guys are reading this saying 'I know who they are'. Anyway, after an hour or so of me wanking her off and her coming seven or eight times (who counts) she decided she'd like it over the picnic table.(Anyone guessing where we are yet). Now being fucked over the picnic table is no great shakes, she's enjoyed being fucked over the bonnet for years (now you definitely know who she is lads). She whips off her top, skirt comes down and up she hops onto the table facing me, legs apart waiting for the inevitable.

In I go, her fanny dripping with juice and me just about feeling the sides. I'm really into it now, everyone knows how nice it is outside on a balmy summers night around midnight. I'm banging away, her tits (44dd) are doing their own thing in an artistic if uncontrolled way and the thought occured, wonder if were being watched? Looked to my right and sure enough two guys stood at the grass verge, I said to Sue 'were being watched'

'I know' she replied 'If there are any more come were going'

What I didn't see was the other two behind me, I waved to the guys to my right and they came over in an orderly fashion cocks in hand, then, suddenly, fuck me! I'm surrounded. Sue thought it highly amusing I'm trying to shag my best and finish up almost having a coronary. With the shock of being surrounded, my todger was now the size of the fucking midgeys that had been biting me I asked Sue what she wanted 'spunk on me she says' Now if there's something that turns Sue on it's watching spunk fly, 'ok' say's I and stands back. Fours company fives a football team.

Sue spun herself round lying the length of the table, she had two at her head and two round her midrift. Taking it in turns she sucks greedily on the cocks she had in each each hand, just typical isn't it the one she didn't have in her mouth shoots, just about made her face with a dollop of spunk on her cheek, then almost in unison the two at her tummy let fly, two lots of spunk on her belly. The final guy wasn't going to miss, he took hold of his own dick and in five seconds covered her mouth and nose, he spunked that much I thought she may drown.

One of the guys asked if we could meet the following week, we agreed, John and Dave have had some good fucks since.