Written by Julie

28 Jun 2006

I must tell you about an experience my husband and I had recently. Iam fairly new to dogging and have enjoyed the sessions we have had after a reluctant start. Iam Julie in my mid 30s and have kept quite a reasonable figure with firm breasts and a tight bum.

It was one night during the recent warm spell my husband and I had gone out to a quiet spot we know in the Birmingham area and had parked facing the small woods. It was dark and the night was quiet.I was wearing a green silk blouse and no bra, a short skirt and my panties were in my handbag. I did however have on black stockings.

Presently we heard another car come into the car park and stop not far away from us. After a short interval a slim male in his late 20s walked slowly past the car on my side into the woods before turning around and walking back slowly. He could see clearly into the car as Dave had my blouse wide open and my boobs were on view. He stopped and looked around before opening his zip and taking out quite a big semi hard cock. He played with it getting it hard and then Dave slid the window down. The guy reached in and felt my breast and teased my nipple and I took hold of his hard cock running my hand up and down its thick hard length. Then he pulled away and slid off into the darkness. I was disapointed I must admit and wondered what had put him off or what he had heard.

My window was back up again when he returned but this time with his arm around a girl. She wore a long coatand heels as he led her past the car and then back pausing by my window. He opened her coat to show that she was dressed only in stockings. She looked good. She was quite petite but with good sized breasts and blonde hair. She looked into the car ar my breasts and suddenly the window was open. I didn't know what to expect as she moved to the window and reached in. I felt her hand close around my breast then her fingers tease my nipple hard, I reached out to cup her breast as her hand moved down between my thighs. Her breasts felt firm with prominent small nipples and I began to feel very turned on as he fingers probed my pussy finding my clit. I opened the door to give her more space and I could reach between her spread thighs. I quickly found she was shaven and smooth which turned me on as I fingered her prominent clitty. I felt my body begin to jerk as the first climax washed over me. She thrust her head between my thighs and had a vice like grip on my bum as I writhed and twisted. I felt myself come again as I fingered her furiously. At last I felt her begining to cum with a series of short gasps she flooded my hands. Slowly we both came down to earth and smiled at each other. The men both sported hard cocks and she suggested we relieve them. Her hubby rolled on a condom and she passed one to Dave who rolled it on. She began to suck him and si I followed suit with her guy who really seemed very excited. His hands were all over me and eventually he throbbed into the condom until he was dry. I looked across to see Dave filling his condom in her mouth.

I got out of the car to stand with her to say our goodbyes and she sugested another meeting but going back to their house after a drink. It sounded good to me so we took their mobile number and gave them ours.

They have called and we are meeting soon so I will let you know what happened if you are interested.