Written by julie and david

30 Mar 2004

My wife Julie knew how horny I get when she teases other guys when we are out,she s flashed a bit of stocking or thong and rubbed other guys in clubs but always left them with a hard on and they had to relief themselves.

This changed one day when she rang me from work to say that Scott one of the reps she deals with had asked her out that night,at first I didnt think a lot of it as he normally takes the whole studio out for a few drinks and a meal.......but he had only asked Julie out this time,she asked what i thought she should do...i asked her if she thought it was only supper he wanted to give her!!!! And i was surprised when she said No...apparently he had come on to her before when they had all being out but it had just been laughed off.As i felt my cock growing in my trousers I told her that she should accept if she wanted too and maybe have a flirt with him.....she could tell me about it

later...she rang me back and told me she had arranged to meet him in town at 8.30 that night.

When i got in from work she had showered and was getting ready to go out...now Julie has a very small landing strip,with her pussy lips clean and i noticed this had got even smaller....i played with her nipples as she was finishing her make up and got between her legs and gave her sweet pussy a lick...I asked her if she thought Scott wanted to do this to her tonight and with out hesitation she said YES......and I asked her if she was gonna let him,she told me she would see how the night went......she then asked me how i would feel if she let Scott eat her pussy.....My cock was rock hard in a second but my heart was trying to get out of my chest....I told her i liked the idea but wasnt sure ...have to meet that one if it happened....she was stunning when she left,a black trouser suit on with just a black bra on under the jacket which peeped out looking extrmely horny....she rang to say she had met him at his hotel and they were getting a cab to the restaurant,she d call and give me an update....i was wanking as i put the phone down........I waited 4 the phone to ring and it did just after 10,she told me they were heading back to his hotel,but she didnt volunteer how the night had gone.....I had to ask her...."Well do you think Scott wants to eat your pussy tonight" she said Oh I think he wants to do more than just eat my pussy....and what might that be then i asked,.....Julie told me graphically that she thought Scott wanted to put his cock in her pussy and stretch her......And I asked her if she was up for letting him.....her response surprised me,she asked me how I would feel if she went back to his room and may be had a play and see what happens....i was wanking my cock at this stage and told her i would love her to go to his room and tease and maybe even more.........she just said OK,she would call me later...and call me she did about an hour later.....Scott had started to kiss her as soon as she had gone to his room,she had felt him through his trousers and he felt big,he had undone her jacket and loosened her bra and had had her nipples in his mouth....he had slid his hand down her trousers and finger fucked her...thats when she had halted proceedings and sent him to the bar for another bottle of wine and suggested that he might like to go to the machine in the gents toilets and bring a packet of durex back......she rung me straight away,she told me how horny she was but that she wouldnt do any thing i wasnt happy with..i asked her how far she wanted to go....she said she was unsure....I asked her would she like to feel him inside her......she said ...Yes.... i nearly came...I told her to go for it then.....I told her to take his cock all the way inside her cunt and make sure he filled her to the brim with his spunk...it was her turn to be shocked....she said do you want him to fuck me bareback,no condom....i said thats what i wanted...i wanted her to come home full of his creamy cum......An hour and a half later thats wht she did....i removed her trousers and her thong was stuck to her ,he had well filled her her trousers were marked,her thong was sodden ....and she was even more gorgeous....i ate her pussy then made love to her feeling his spunk squelching out as my cock slid in and out....i shot inside her silky love hole within 2 minutes.....Im looking forward to her next night out