Written by DaveandJulie

7 Jan 2005

My wife and I are in our 30s. he has kept her tight figure and still turns heads after two children. We had been able to have a threesome quite a while before but due to babysitter problems we were a bit stuck. Eventually we decided that we would ge things as tied up as we could and then I would meet the guy for a drink before bringing him back here late at night.

We looked at a number of Ad's and finally put one in ourselves. We were honest about the arrangements and why and were deluged with responses. Most had e-mailed a photo and we were able to painstakingly work our way through. We settled as a first choice on a guy living about 20 miles from us. In hia mail he said that he was well endowed and a good stayer and repeater. His photo showed him to be black with a slim physique and as he claimed very well endowed. He suggested that if we were interested we could chat on webcam. That seemed to be an excellent idea and so we mailed him setting up a time convenient for us all.

Julie and I were both excited and nervous as we entered the chat site. Checking the nicknames he was already there and so we fired up our camera moving into a private area with him. Once there he undressed and so did we. Julie walked about a bit for him and he did the same. He decided that he would really like to meet us and Julie was also very keen. We set a date for the Friday only 2 days away. I would meet him in a pub which we both knew at 8pm and if we got on bring him back here. We emphasised that Julie had the right to cancel if she was unsure.

I arrived right on time and walked into the lounge of the pub. Jason was already there and rose to get me a beer. We found a quiet spot where we could chat. I found him really pleasant company despite both of us being touch nervous. I asked him if he was ready to come back and he agreed at once. He followed me in his car and I drove carefully so as not to loose him. Eventually we arrived at our house and parked outside. I brought him into the hall and hung up our coats before taking him into the lounge to meet Julie. She looked fantastic. She wore a silky green dress which showed off her figure and had put her blonde hair up giving her a very sophisticated look. He sat down on the sofa beside Julie and I got us all drinks. As we chatted nervousness disapeared. Julie rose to visit the bathroom and paused out of his sight to give an enthusiastic nod.

In her absence I asked how he felt about things and was delighted when he told me that he wanted to go ahead and was very excited. When Julie returned I gave her the wink that he was keen and excused myself to visit ther bathroom. I left the door into the hall slightly open and the hall light out. Creeping back down the stairs I peered through a vent grill which allowed me a view of the sofa. I could tell that the chatting had stopped and saw that her dress was around her waist and his slim black fingers were moving over her breasts. His shirt was off showing his sleek muscled body and I could see her hand was busy. I decided that I would join them and quietly went into the lounge closing the door behond me and wedging it as a precaution. I went to the chair oposite them and began to strip. Looking over Julie smiled as Jason slid her dress the rest of the way off. He kicked his trousers away before Julie resumed her quest in the front of his boxers emerging with one of the biggest cocks I have seen. He had a solid errection that the webcam hadnt done justice to. Julie ran her hands up and down it. Jason got rid of his boxers and slowly slid Julies panties to her ankles and then off.

Julie was frantic to suck him. Her lips opened wide as she tok the tip in and began to move , her hands cupping his heavy balls. He moved around on the floor so that he could lick her clitty at the same time. They enjoyed each other like this for ages until Jason moved on top of her. Julie parted her thighs and I had a clear view of his cock at her entrance. He reached down and guided the tip in. i moved closer and watched as he went deeper and deeper stretching and filling her, each gentle thrust taking him a little deeper until she had it all. Her eyes opened wide as she felt him completely inside her before he began to make long slow strokes. Julie's hands ran up and down his back as he pleasured her gently at first then more strongly until she was biting back her cries as she came time after time wriggling and writhing in his grasp. I could hear the wet squelchy noises of their sex as he approached orgasm.With a grunt he began to jet into her causing her to whimper as she fely his hot spurts. They lay still and he slowly pulled out ,his black cock lying on his thigh like a long wet snake.

I was so excited I took his place at once entering in a single thrust. She felt well stretched and used but in a short time I was cumming and adding my cum to his.

We lay for a while before getting cleaned up. Jason sat with julie as we chatted and I saw his cock starting to harden again. Julie lost no time in helping him get hard. She tried just about every possible position with him making him cum twice more.

Eventually it was time for us to separate and i guided Jason back to the main road. Back at the house my wife was still on a high. She told me that she had the most fantastic time. We talked about it for ages before making love again.

We kept in contact with Jason and have had some very interesting and exciting times which I will tell you about another time.