Written by John, Julie and Jim

17 Feb 2005

Julie was standing naked in the bedroom. I put down the cup of tea I had just made in the galley and slid my hands down her silky skin, brushing her stiffening nipples and teasing her tummy on the way to her blonde pussy. She asked me where we were and I said she should come and look. I led her out into the lounge of our motor cruiser.

We were crossing Breydon Water on ouor way to Great Yarmouth. The boat had an open plan lounge with a steering wheel at the front. Jim, Julie's partner was driving - or should that be steering - the boat and half turned to see us appear behind him. He was quite used to seeing Julie naked with me as se had already had some great sexy adventures on oour way to our Norfolk Broads holiday.

When I stood behind Julie, who had promised to have sex with me anywhere, anytime and any way I wanted when she answered my ad for an uninhibited exhibitionist lady to accompany, me on holiday, I brouoght myhands up underneath her arms and began to gently massage her long, suckable nipples. Looking throught he window at the expanse of water and mudflats, I saw a small flotilla of three boats coming towards us, line astern. I told Julie I wanted her to stand in lounge while the boats went past us so that anyone on board could see she was totally naked. She squirmed against me and put her hand behind her onto my shorts and began to run my cock. The first boat was nearly level with us now and we could clearly see a young couple inside, peering out of their windows at us. Jim waved to them and they waved back. I squeezed Julie's tits upward and outward as the boat went by and she squeezed my dick in return.

I pointed out to her the other boat was going to pass us a bit closer and looked as though it had an all may crew. With that she turned and tugged down my shorts. Her tongue began to lick along my shaft and up onto my knob head. Around and around it she licked away, up and down my cock. I told her the boat was about to go past and she prompty plunged her mouoth around my throbbing dick, taking it right into her warm, wet throat. The boat went by with the lads waving at Jim. I told Julie that I was not sure that they could actually see into out boat and that the next boat coming past seemed to be filled with women. Perhaps the two boats made up a party, the men on one and women on the other. With that Julie made me stand on a chair, so that she was able to suck me without kneeling down. Jim waved again as the women's boat went by and he got a wave back... but then there were women's arms pointing in our direction. There was no doubt, now, They had seen Julie's lips moving up and down my cock. The sight made me come at once, shooting my sticky creamy load into her mouth. She lapped it up and sucked me dry before going off to get her cup of tea.

She returned to the lounge, still naked and asled Jim to allow her to drive the boat for a while. He stepped behind her and played with the tits as she sat at the front window. I told them they were probably being watched by dozens of bird watcher with binnoculars on the banks, but that only heightened their enjoyment. WE were getting close to the mouth of the River Yare, so I took over the wheel and Jim and Julie lay down on the setee. She slid off his shorts and wanked him to full harness before sitting on his knob and riding up and down. I toook the boat into the Yare and headed for the Yarmouth Marina to moor. There was quite a bit of activitiy on the boats already moored as we drew alongside them, but naked Julie fucked away on Jim's cock until he exploded inside her. I asked Jim to help me moor and we pulled in alsongside the quay. The man with the mooring tickets soon came along, and by this time Julie was in the bedroom. She had pulled the curtains on the window, but not quite fully and so while I was paying the mooring fee, the chap got a good look into the bedroom where Julie was gently tweaking her nipples and playing with her pussy.

We got ready to go into Yarmouth for an evening meal and a drink. Julie came out of the cabin wearing dirty old jeans and a ruched up filmy top. It was unlike her to cover her legs, but I let it go to see what she would get up to. We went into town and made a cosy, dimly lit Indian restaurant near the sea front. We enjoyed our meal, which was uneventful until Julie wen to the toilet just before we were about to leave. Whe she came back she was not wearing her jeans and the ruched up top had been pulled down into a short dress. But it was not just a short dress. It was made of strips of material which ended and inch or so below her pussy and which swirled about as she walked, tantalisingly revealiing bit of her as it did so. The top was now almost totally see through with her glorious globes pretty much on full view. We paid the startled waiter for our meal and walked out into the night air. Immediately the gentle wind swirled the stips of her dress. I was alking a little behind Julie and Jim deliberately to see how much of her arse was showing. To be honest, the material just covered her bum, but when she realised what I was doing she bent over to reveal her naked buttocks. As usual she was not wearing knickers. I dashed round to be in front and watched as they walked up to me. Every step she took parted the materail stips, showing the sindide of her thighs. I wanted to fuck her there and then, but we walked to a small bar and went in for a drink. There were just a few couples in the bar and Julie sat on a stool where her legs stuck nakedly ouot of her dress. One of the couples came over to the bar and we chatted for a while. The bloke got a good eyeful, especially when I "accidently" pulled the strips of material apart to reveal Julie's wet pussy. We then went for a walk up the seafront and before long found a shelter. There were several people walking up and down the prom, but I just had to fuck Julie. I parted the material and began fingering her wetness. Her silky pussy lips opened as I shoved in my fingers. As a couple came towards us, I took Julie behind the shelter, bent her over, lifted the material out of the way and slid my hard cock into her from behind. Although we were out of the direct line of sight of the approaching couple, we had actually moved without knowing it into the direct gaze of a chap riding by in his bike on the road. He nearly fell off as he realised I was fucking her there. We went back to the other side of the shelter and with my cock againembbeded in her pussy she took out Jim's dick and began sucking him.

Then I saw two girls in their 20s walking towards us. But by then I could stop and quickly thrust in and out of Julie's cunt. Amazed the girls watched as they walked by as first Jim came, shooting his spunk into Julie's mouth and then I shot my load into her squeezing pussy.

Then we decided to go to the funfair further up the front for some more fun at the fair. On the way we discussed whether we could turn out threesome into moresome. I will tell what where we did next time.