Written by Jimmy

10 Jan 2005

I went out in the car last night with my wife June. I’d bought her a new set of underwear for Christmas and it was the first opportunity we had had to get out and have a look round. We went up to Scammonden at first and parked just before the bridge over the motorway. It used to be a road leading to a picnic area but the council have now blocked it off, which is a shame as it was a good dogging area.

We parked up and walked up the old road, past the barrier, with the woods on our right. It was still quite windy, but we were both well wrapped up. June had on a long brown overcoat which covered her high heeled boots (brown, knee length). We turned to the right and took the first path which leads into the trees and stopped just inside the trees, where we were protected from the wind. June unbuttoned her coat and underneath she was wearing a white basque and stockings.

I switched on my torch and shone it on her. She wasn’t wearing any pants and as I played the light onto her fanny, she obliged by sticking two fingers in and playing with herself, which I love to see. I unzipped myself and got my cock out and leaned forward to help her, my left hand joining hers, playing with her wet cunt. June then got hold of my cock and started wanking it which left my hand free to shine the torch around the trees. It looked as though people were still coming here –it used to be a spot for gays to meet up – and there were pages of porn mags lying about. Someone had pushed a double page spread onto one of the branches of the bushes and we both looked at the pages, showing a woman with really big tits sucking off a bloke, in the light of the torch.

This seemed to get June going and she said she wanted fucking. I’d left the blanket in the car, so I said I’d get it. June told me to go to the car with my cock out, which I did. As I got to the car (only a few yards away) another car was just pulling up, so I buttoned up my own coat, wondering if the chap in the car had seen me. It was a bit obvious really, getting the blanket out of the car, and walking back to the woods, but it felt quite exciting. Sure enough, the chap got out of his car, and as I went back into the bushes and looked back, I could see him walking slowly up the road.

I ducked under the branches to where June was standing. She had her coat just open and she was using the torch as a vibrator, pushing it in and out, with the light on, so that her cunt was lit up and then suddenly plunged into darkness as the torch disappeared up inside her. I whispered to her that we had company and she told me to move nearer the path to see what he was doing. She was going to go further back into the bushes. I looked out at the road, and the bloke was looking towards me. I opened my coat and started to wank my cock. He dropped both hands to his crotch and started to rub himself through his trousers. I stood further out from the trees, and continued to toss myself off as he walked towards me.

I then turned and ducked back into the bushes to where we had been before. It was quite dark under the trees and I couldn’t make out where June was. Our friend was now standing just a few feet away from me and I turned to face him. He had his cock out by now and was wanking. He dropped his trousers and stepped forward. His cock was very impressive, long and thick, and as my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness I could see a metal piercing hanging from below his balls.

“What do you like”, he asked me. I replied, “I like looking at big cocks, and so does my wife” I added. “Are you bisexual”, I asked him, “or is it just blokes you’re after”?

“ I used to be married”, he replied, “but now I prefer men. I just love a stiff cock, don’t you”, he said, pulling fiercely on his prick as he stood just in front of me. “Do you suck cock”?

“Go on Jimmy, suck it”, whispered June from the darkness, and stepped forward, shining the torch on our friend’s huge cock.

“I wondered where your wife was hiding”, he said. “I was watching you earlier through the binoculars, from the other side of the bridge. Yes, go on Jimmy, suck it”.

I placed the blanket on to the grass and dropped to my knees, holding his cock in my hand. I was surprised how heavy it was. June then joined me on her knees, her face only inches from his cock

“Oh Jimmy, it’s so big and hot”, she said, taking hold of it in her right hand and pulling back the foreskin. “God, I’d like that up me”.

June then let her coat fall open and laid back on the blanket. She lifted her knees up and opened her legs. “I need a cock now. Just put that huge cock in my cunt and give me a good shagging”. Her right hand was rubbing up and down her clit

I turned away from our new friend and rammed my own cock into June. I knew she was near to coming and I motioned to him to come round by our heads. He kneeled down and offered his cock to both of us. I stopped pumping into June for a moment and leant back. June opened her mouth and our friend obliged by pushing it between her lips. Then pulled it out again and dangled his balls in her face. I pushed back into her as I fell forward. I kissed June and then felt his cock slipping between our mouths. He pulled back suddenly and swore and a thick jet of spunk hit us both in the face. Both June and I came at the same time, and by the time we had recovered our new friend had gone and left us with only a pool of spunk to remember him by.