Written by andy

16 Aug 2004

hi i work in a care home for the elderly, i will get on with the true story.

1 nite i was working as ussual with a co worker ,lets call her Jill , well she is not a looker & always came over as a prude , anyway we were having a quiet nite so we settled down together on the sofa to watch tv.

on the tv was a programe about sex possitions & i said to Jill if you like we can see what else is on ?.

anyway to cut to the kwik Jill turned & asked me my fave possition & i said it was doggy style, she asked why ,& i said you could not beat the site of a womans bum while your shagging.

& at that i asked her her fave poss, to that she replied ,me on top.

i asked her why & she said because sometimes i like to dominate my partner & other times i like him to dominate me.

well i was shocked to say the least & jill saw it in my face & asked if i was into domination?, i told her i had never thought about it but wud not want a woman to boss me & humiliate me .

@ that she jumped up & asked me if i fancied her @ all?.

i told her i had not thought of my co,workers in that way but now we were being honest i said i liked her pert tits & bum & red hair ,she said she liked my face & bum & asked me if i wanted to fuck her doggy style.

i was stunned but quite turned on by all this & said yes if your serriouse.

@ that she dropped to the floor in front of me & hooked out my 6" boner & swallowed it in 1, inearly came there & then but instead i pulled her away & undid the zip on the front of her overall.

it fell 2 the floor & i was amazed she was naked except her shoes .

well i went down on her red minge & licked all up her cunny & fingered her bum to which she pulled my head closer & said fuck me doggy style master.

i was getting into this master bit so i told her to open her cunt up 4 me & she went on all 4s & with 2 hands opened her cunny 4 me

i then dropped my keks & dropped behind her & went @ her with all my might , i was about to cum when i said ,after stopping, i am gonna fuck your bumhole now, to that the horror in her voice told me no.

i was into ithe role now & grabbed her hair & squeesed her tit hard ,& said your mine now so take it in your hand & guide it into your arse or i will tie you up & leave you there all nite .

jill said she was a virgin in the bum but i was having none of it ,i was possesed & told her to do it now ,jill said yes master & guided my nw rampant cock into her virgin bum, i took it slowly & relaxed jill with licking her ears & kissing her neck & lips ,& soon she was enjoying it.

she said are you going to cum in my bum master & i said when i am ready ,she asked me to lie on my back so she could have a time of playing with herself & watching my face when i cum ,but i was getting there & told her to hang on until the next time.

@ that a wad of cum shot out of me & filled her rectum to the hilt & jill bobbed back & forth on my dick until she came again, & i pulled out to go get cleaned up 4 a repeat performance, it goes to show though you dont always judge people by what you see & hear.

i will let you know another day about how we are getting on ,on nights, cant wait for them to come round again mmmmmmmmmmm.