Written by Exeter wife

5 Sep 2006

Am awaiting a date to arrive, he will be here in 10 mins.

My lovely hubby is as excited as I am. Been texting this man all weekend, since I allowed him to slip his tongue into my mouth at a club on Saturday as my darling hubby looked on.

He wants me without nickers......I am. He wanted me shaved....thanks to my husband I am.

My nipples are hard, and my heart is in my mouth.

My husband is straining inside his trousers, and I need another drink.

My date who has felt me through clothing as we danced at the weekend, is going to undress me, feel how wet I can be for a man, taste how delicious I can taste for a man, and see how far I am prepared to go to enure his cock (which I have seen, thanks to the wonders of camera phones)will go as deep as it can inside me.

I am tingling with excitement, because my date is going to spend the night fucking me as hard as he wants.

I have my overnight bag of toys, lots of gel and other treats all ready.

I am a damn lucky girl, married and encouraged to live life to the full.

If my date is good.....then he will get a re match, maybe in our bed while hubby enjoys the view.

Life is good.......but right now....Ive got to go XXX