Written by michael

14 Jul 2005

Monday night was the night Barbara went out for her choir practice and I, Michael, invited a few friends around for a drink and to watch porno movies. At first we would all sit there with a hard on watching the movies and our wives would get the benefit later on. However one night the movie was about some nubile young school girls getting fucked by

their teachers, both male and female, and I thought "sod it" and pulled out my knob and proceeded to wank myself. In no time the other men were massaging their meat until we all

shot our loads. This became the usual practice and we used to have contests to see who could wank the longest without coming and it was amazing how long we could go for without

shooting our load.

Then one Monday we were sat watching the movie, wanking, and did not hear my wife return earlier than usual. We had a pretty good sex life and and had tried everything with each other and Barbara was very broad-minded. When she walked into that room she said to me " Let me give you a hand with that" and knely before me tossing me off and teasing the end of my knob with her mouth. I held back as usual but Dave who was sat in the chair next to me grabbed Barbara's other hand and pulled it towards his knob. She looked at me and I nodded and as she took hold of his prick my spunk shot out all over her face and lips. She then mover over to Dave and proceeded to fuck him with her mouth. Quickly she pulled away from Dave and his spunk shot out, down her throat in her hair and over her blouse. By now she was well aroused and ready for more cock sucking. In turn she brought Pete, Paul, Bob and

john off and was splattered with their spunk oozing out of her mouth, in her hair and all over her clothes contd