Written by Jade

20 Oct 2006

My hubby was away in London last night & not due back before four this morning, so I though I would pamper myself with a good hot bath & then slob around in my towelling robe until bed.

The bath was fantastic & I have to admit that I was washing my cunt quite viusly!!

I dried myself put on my robe & went downstairs.

it would have been around ten that the doorbell rang & it was my neighbour Chris & his partner Jackie, he is in his late thirties & she is forty seven the same age as me, the difference being that she is incredibly thin & has a body to die for, my hubby would kill to get into her pants & has tried on several occassions, though unsuccessfully.

They had locked themselves out, something they do quite regularly, so they asked if they could hop over our fence & get in the back, of course I replied.

Chris asked if I wanted to go with them & have a drink, especially as Pete my hubby wasn't here.

I said ok & climbed over with them, Chris making sure to get a good long look at my tits & cunt as my robe fell open.In fact he deliberately got in my way to prolong the view, but I didn't really mind.

We got into their house & I sat down, but was very surprised when Jackie went straight to the front door & let in four guys, I hadn't realised that they had guests.

I know them all by site as my hubby hangs out with them from time to time, they all being bikers, but I was now feeling very vulnerable as I tried to keep my robe done up.

Jackie passed me a very large glass of wine & said that she was going to change, she was wearing a denim mini skirt with black hold ups & a sheer black top with a gold plunge bra, when she came down she had a bathrobe on as well but was still wearing her holdups.

We chatted for a while & the conversation was very flirtacious, my glass was being refilled quite often & I was feeling more than a little damp between my legs, I was also aware that I was giving off a musky scent, in fact Jackie remarked on the fact first whispering in my ear (just before giving it a little nibble) then she proceeded to ask the guys to come & smell how sexed up I was.

each of the guys came over & she made them sniff near to my lap , They all made some dirty comments until Chris came over & said he couldn't smell anything, with that he ripped my robe open baring my huge tits & grabbed my ankles, to pull me forward, then pushed my knees apart & stuck his nose against my wet cunt lips.

Jackie was laughing but grabbed my arms so I couldn't stop him, he opened my cunt & started to lick, whilst doing this, Jackie told him to finger my arse, he didn't need telling twice.

the others moved back to me & I was confronted by four rigid cocks, jackie toook one in her mouth & I did likewisePaul the guy I was sucking grabbed my hair & face fucked me, making me gag on several occassions as he went deep throat, I could feel hands all over my body & another finger then a third up my arse.

By now I was bucking with pleasure & Chris got his cock ou & went up my cunt like a rat up a drainpipe, he held it in full length for a minute then started to fuck me, faster & harder with each strokeJackie was biting my tits & belly & my flab was wobbling so much that I thought I may be sick

I had pleaded for them to use condoms, but they said I wasn't worth the expense & to take spunk like the whore that I was.

I felt Chris tense & then release his seed deep into my cunt, I was then carried upstairs to the spare bedroom & the guys took turns with me, each emptying their balls into my cunt, by now the cameraphones were also being used & my name address & pictures being sent to their friends

I was riding on top of Stan whilst sucking off Rog when Chris came behind me & I felt his cock against my arse, I was having orgasm after orgasm & now I could feel him entering me, first slowly until I could feel his pubes against my arsecheeks, then he started to seriously fuck my arse, he would withdraw till his bell end was only just in, then ram it home, it was hurting so much as it hit my organs inside, but he kept on, harder & faster, just as he had with my cunt, he grabbed my nipples & was pulling them so hardI couldn't speak but they were now hurting me so much that the tears ran down my face, this Jackie found very anusing & took more photos.

They had come in every hole, they'd made me drink their cum & even one of them pissed in my mouth & made me drink itJackie started to beat my bum with a cane, though it was difficult with her fella fucking my arse, so she slapped my face & got the boys to do likewise, then she took the cane to my tits & boy did that hurt.

Finally when they were finished she relented & started to kiss my body & french kissed my mouth, she even let me finger her cunt which will really piss hubby off.

Finally they took me home & put me to bed, it was half an hour later when hubby came in, very drunk & thinking I was asleep he didn't thankfully want to fuck me.

I have already recieved numerous calls from people who have seeen the pics & a couple of guys even came to the door.

It's looking like I'll be getting some more of the same quite soon

Yum Yum.