Written by J D D Cuckold forever.

1 Apr 2006

As crazy as his story sounds that's how you really feel about the Mrs. Mine will fuck someone she was working on or a stranger. About a dozen or so a year for the last 8 years.When she tells me about it or about the guy that wants her love I can't do enough for her. My love is endless for her. I clean the house ,do her clothes and willingly run to the store at any time. She is now 52 & I wont tell you she is a raving doll like when she was young but the fact she needs hot meaningful sex from other men makes her priceless to me.

Males from 18 to 63 over that time has been inside her.

She once asked me if it would be allright with me if she could fly to New York and spend a weekend with a black guy that she was emailing back and forth. We never did this before and when I saw the size of what she wanted I said yes. She stayed with him in a plush hotel for four days. He couldn't get enough of her.

John49 & I know what true love to one woman means. Our wives use their bodies to make men feel like real men. They will say the enjoyment the give their hubbies and the intense orgasms they reach is the utmost love at least mine can give. I wish more men could enjoy her but it's not possible so other married couples have to step up.