Written by Peter

27 Feb 2004

Thanks for all the invites to watch.....here is the latest which happened on Tuesday night.Met Maureen and Clive at there house in Yate nr Bristol.Clive 25 ish tall well built.Maureen 50 ish nice shape ,blonde and big tits.All went into lounge and we had a drink and chatted for half an hour.Even though M is 50 she has a really nice body wearing a tight white blouse,no bra ,short red flared skirt and very hi heels.having just come back from GranCanaria no need for stockings as nice tanned legs.She tells C to go up to the bedroom and she will bring me up.She bends over in front of me to pick up the glasses and I view her arse and a bush under the thong knickers.

We both go up stairs and the bedroom has a big 5ft bed and a chair in the corner for me......I take my seat....

Clive is lying on the bed naked except for a pair of white boxers...he has a fair hard hard on.Maureen starts to dance around the bed every so often putting her hand under his pants and toughing his cock,it is now well up.she asks him ,do you want me to strip....yes please....she is in total control.After taking off her top and skirt she gets on the bed and slides both hands under his pants,she holds his cock and balls,he breathes heavy.M says when she met C 6 mths ago he had no control,but now he comes to order.

She slips his pants off and reveals the big pink cock.She spends the next half hour licking and sucking his cock and balls pulling his foreskin back and pushing her tounge down the eye of his penis.This is a very experienced woman.

He is calling out that he is coming,NO YOU FUCKING WONT she demands I have told you when and how.She turns him over and makes him get on all fours she slides under him and continues to suck cock and balls....after another ten minutes she goes round to his arse and starts to tounge him deep....he really is struggling now and she feels the leak of spunk from his cock.Immeadiatley she goes to the cock and licks the cum,goes to his mouth and kisses him......YOU DONT CUM YET,she tells him..he is really struggling now.

Lie on your back she says...he does..she pulls a bottle of baby oil out of a bedside draw.. covers her hands in oil and starts to stroke his cock with only a downward motion,avoiding a full up and down wank.After less than two minutes he is pleading for her to move up and down but she refuses and only continues with the downward motion.Clive is now screaming at her calling her a cunt ,bastard etc...yes I am she says and the best youhave ever had.....suddenly he starts to shake and shudder..M says to me .here we go..just watch this....she lowers her mouth about 18 inches from his cock...suddenly a fountain of spunk shots from his cock,she catches some and swallows some goes over the bed and headboard.he still screams..as more pours out..it lasts about 20 secs with cum everywhere.M then says..look he has passed out....he had with the extreme pleasure being released just passed out.

He will be out for 10 mins she said....and he was.

She explained she had trained him to do this,she will then give him oral to make him erect and then allow him to fuck her.

Wow what a couple of hours,with no intercourse,but a hell of a session.The bed was covered in spunk.

I did allow M to releive me of mine,thanks M....and as I left M was starting to give C a bit of head to revivve him.

Thanks M and C hope to see you again...dont think I missed much on this ...enjoy reading it...any other offers anyone????