Written by Karen & Gary - UK

11 Aug 2003

We've been married for 8 years and sex with others has really added spice to our love life.

We first talked about sex with other people after a party where Karen became pissed and spent all evening with a young bloke of 18, a friend of her younger brother, she was 27. They danced and kissed right in front of me I couldn't believe the feelings I had. No one was surprised least of all me when she started slowly wanking him off as they danced, allowing him to shoot his hot sweet spunk all over her blouse sleeve. When we got home that night we had the best sex for months while she imagined having sex with him.

I'll never forget the first time Karen had full sex with someone else. She phoned me from work and said the assistant manager had invited her out for a drink and although we both knew what was likely to happen we didn't even mention sex. That night was amazing for me, all evening I kept thinking about what was going on, what were they doing etc. Where would they do it? She had often mentioned Mike and how she fancied him etc, so my imagination was running wild. Eventually Karen got home at 1am looking guilty and very flush. I'll never forget it, she stood in the kitchen and admitted she'd had unprotected sex with him.

She put my hand under her skirt and beneath her knickers, I felt the rich mixture of his fresh spunk and her own juices, confirming she had been unfaithful and broken her marriage vows. His sperm was leaking down her thighs. There was no turning back now. We kissed and then I knelt before her and kissed around her knickers and thighs. She even got him to give her a love bite on the inside of her right thigh. I had often fantasised about this moment and here I was licking someone else's spunk from my own wife. I kissed her spunk soaked knickers and she then opened her cunt lips so I could taste the delicious magic mixture. I was in a very high state of arousal, so when she removed her spunk stained clothes I was ready! Within 5 minutes I had added my spunk to Mikes already in her belly.

He and his wife have became good friends of ours but Tina, Mikes wife has no idea that Karen has occasional sex with him, with my full blessing. From that night onwards, we were sold on extra partner sex. I love to watch her getting fucked while I toss off just watching. I never knew how erotic it could be to see your very own wife enjoying another man and take his spunk without any protection! I love to sit, watch and wank off while she deep kisses someone else while he's giving her one. Karen has a high sex drive so I don't mind sharing her. She just loves spunk and lots of it.

It also really turns me on to watch her prepare to go out for the evening when meeting a new boyfriend. She likes to tease me as she slips into her sexy clothes, as I lay on the bed watching her dress she won't allow me to touch her, she just says she's saving her self for her new date. Although I always get jealous, it still gives me a nice good hard on. I adore it when she describes how she'll fuck with him. Not all her boyfriends know she's married with 3 kids. The feeling for me when a boyfriend comes to pick her up outside the house is very exciting. Knowing she's going to get a tummy full of hot spunk pumps us both up every single time. The air before she leaves is always ELECTRIC!

I baby sit while other men take her out!

I always end up wanking off as soon as she's gone. I often thought about how I would feel if her lover made her pregnant. I just love the idea.

When Karen comes home she'll climb into bed oozing her boyfriends spunk soaking her knickers and tights. She then tells me everything they did together, how big he is, how much sperm he can shoot, and what a wanker I am for letting her do it. She loves a man to be able to shoot long thick spurts of cum. Having teased me further, she then allows me to part her beautiful legs, rip off her tights, pull her panties to one side and then I lick as much spunk from her fanny as possible, while I bring myself off. Just wonderful. This arrangement suits us both.

As Karen's is on the pill we don't expect any of her boyfriends to wear condoms so they can go straight in and shoot, we prefer her lovers to let their spunk fly without any protection! We find it really adds to the excitement. In fact the very idea of Karen having someone else's baby really turned us on a great deal, and still does, in fact 2 years ago she made it happen. . Sometimes Karen brings back home her conquests. Once they get over the idea of me in the house, most of her boyfriends don't mind.

I like to see them making love in our bedroom I sit in the wicker bedroom chair and wank away as they make love. If they really object, Karen orders me to sleep down stairs on the sofa. Then I have to make do just listening to them doing it. I like Karen to humiliate me in front of her lovers. She loves to order me about and show me up. She likes to tell me how useless I am in bed and how her current boyfriend is bigger and better in the sack. Recently she wanked off a boyfriend over her belly and made me lick his spunk off. In the morning I like go down between her legs and lick out the rewards for me, of their nights lovemaking, his cream. The humiliation for me is a big turn on.

Karen's youngest boyfriend and lover is Steve now 20 years old, She's 30ish. He was 18 when she first seduced and screwed him. (She's a real cradle snatcher). Steve's built like a horse and shoots spunk like a gun. Karen had a real bad crush on him for months, he even moved in with us because she wanted him closer. During his time with us he slept with her every night (I worked nights then) sometimes if I was lucky, she'd join me in bed in the afternoon, it was if I didn't exist, except to bring the money home.! He didn't have a job and within 2 months of him living with us she was pregnant by him.

Karen told me she wanted his baby and only Steve was allowed to have unprotected full sex with her. I had to make do with watching and licking her out once they had made love and then only when Steve allowed me too.

He's a big bloke so I didn't argue. In her view, he could do no wrong. The feeling of being at work knowing your wife is at home fucking her boyfriend is a bittersweet pleasure. Karen gave me an ultimatum, I either let her have Steve's baby or she'd leave me. Anyway after 5 months they had a bust up and he moved out back to his mothers.

During her pregnancy it was a great turn on knowing she was having another mans baby, and she's happy that people know too, she makes no secret of it. We both want her to be in the club again by Steve or someone else.

Chantel Louise is now 2 years old and Karen still sees Steve, he keeps her satisfied when she lusts after him. I must admit he has got a good body and puts mine to shame.

His current 19-year-old girlfriend has no idea about his relationship with an older married women. He's told Karen he wants to give her another baby. She still has regular unprotected sex with him and she insists I use a condom when having sex with her.

In the past I often fantasised about being submissive to my wife and her lover, it's a bitter sweet feeling in real life and can be a great emotional strain, but the overwhelming feeling of jealousy and total sexual excitement for me is still very strong and addictive. However watching Karen having anal sex with him is fantastic. She says she'd like a session with me wanking and watching, while she gives a blowjob to Steve and taking on two other lovers. One up her fanny and the other up her arse! Wow!

So be careful and enjoy extra partner sex, but don't get too involved, make rules and conditions and enjoy.

Gary and Karen

London UK.