Written by Karen

24 Jan 2005

I went on to the swingers site a while ago and answered an ad for a couple with a bi curious wife who wanted to meet for first time girl on girl sex, we swapped e-mails and we arranged to meet a week later in a hotel mid way between us on Sunday at 7pm in the bar. I didn't dress up in particular, I decided to wear a business suit and normal underwear (incl my usual hold ups) as I didn't want to give the wrong impression. We agreed that we would have a drink and a chat and see how it went from there.

I was a little early so I settled myself at a corner table opposite the door and ordered a drink, she arrived right on time, I recognised her straight away as we had swapped face photos she was a bit shorter and slightly larger than I had imagined, she wore a near knee length dark blue skirt an peach blouse with dark blue court shoes she looked very nice and I had a twinge of desire. The only problem was she had a man with her, she obviously recognised me and came over and sat down, the guy went to the bar and sat on a stool studiously ignoring us. She breathlessly explained that he was her husband who, concerned for her safety, insisted he came along to make sure she was safe, he would disappear when he was sure.

I could see the sense in that and agreed, she went and fetched him. He spent about 10 minutes generally chatting like this sort of thing happened every day, at a nod from her he excused himself and left.

Her name was Linda, he was Mike she is 28 he is 37 they come from near Reading and although they considered themselves to be adventurous they had only swapped partners with a few couples and they thought it time to expand their horizons. She had always felt urges towards other girls and had plucked up the courage to come to meet me, she had received a host of responses but they were all too frightening for her to contemplate.

We chatted for about 1 1/2 hours drinking probably 4 drinks and the conversation gradually turned to sex, I ran through a small selection of my gay/bi history and got her to open up to her fantasies and hopes, we covered her likes and dislikes and some of mine to, all the time getting closer and more touchy feely.

I had had to much to drink to drive home so I said I would book in so we could continue in a more private manner, and I would drive home in the morning. She said no need as she had a separate room from Mike for tonight just in case, and we could use that as it was paid for and if I would like to get some more drinks she would show me where it was. I duly got the drinks and we went up in the lift.

She opened the door and showed me in. It was one of those double rooms with a small seating area, we sat in low opposite arm chairs and carried on our sexual discussions, we covered pretty well all the relevant topics and had decided that it would be best if I led and she followed , I took my jacket of and let my skirt ride up my thigh a bit, she did like wise, I could almost see her sex but not quite. During the chat she revealed that her husband would be boiling over as he loved lesbian action films and fantasised about her and another woman. They had often talked about taking photographs of Linda and another girl and publishing them in a magazine or on a web site, she did confirm that he would keep out of our session though. I leaned forward and so did she we were about a foot apart so I carried on to my knees and kissed her full on the lips, I was still holding my drink so it was a bit awkward but very nice. She was taken aback for a split second then she responded with passion, her tongue probed into my mouth and played with mine, she pulled me tight to her so I was in between her legs with her cunt pressed into my thighs.

We pulled apart eventually and asked a couple of 'are you alright with this' questions. We both nodded and grabbed for each other. We sort of crabbed to the bed and still standing with our mouths locked together we started to undress each other, we unzipped each other and when our skirts slid down we stepped out of them, we unbuttoned each others blouse and let it slide off. Linda was not wearing anything else other than her shoes, and perfume so I slid my hand up to her breast, she un hooked my bra and helped it slide off (I was wearing one for once!) I cupped her breast and started to work on the nipple, she soon followed suit and I felt my nipple go hard and my cunt start to get wet. She had bigger tits than me, probably a C cup and when I ran my hands down her body I discovered that she was far from fat she was quite well muscled and firm with 'child bearing hips' I wanted to see her so I pulled away about 6 feet and took an appraising look, she did the same. I don't know what she thought, if she minded me having no tits she didn't say. I quite liked what I saw, mind you I was hot enough to sit on a pole by then, she had a tattoo and was shaved, her nipples were very red and swollen and she had a glisten of juice on the inside of her thigh,

We rushed at each other and fell on the bed, I was still wearing my hold ups and knickers I then went to work on her in earnest, I kneaded her tits and pinched and pulled her nipples, kissing and nipping her all over, she was either a quick learner or had lied and this wasn't her first time. She was working on me like a veteran. I slid my hands down her body and found her soaking slit. She was soaking it was running out of her, I slid 2 fingers straight in and fingered her she did likewise to me, I tried to get my legs as wide as possible to give her access, I found her clitoris with my thumb and started to work on it while keeping p a steady finger fucking rhythm, she shuddered to an orgasm panting and whimpering while pushing herself hard onto my fingers, she stopped working on me at that point. I was boiling over. I slid down her body and placed my lips over her clitoris letting my tongue tease and play with it, occasionally lapping her juice from her cunt. She arched her back and grabbed my hair pushing her cunt hard into my face, I wriggled free and broke her hold, turning my body to the 69 position about and pushed my equally wet and desperate cunt hard into her face, she got the message and started lapping at me like a puppy. She came again, her convulsions nearly broke my neck, I half came too, I needed finishing off but Linda was in no fit state to do it so I sat in one of the chairs with my legs over the arms and fingered myself, hammering at my gaping pussy and engorged clit with her looking at me through half closed eyes still panting. I shuddered to an orgasm and let my legs drop to the floor.

In order to avoid the post coital uncomfortable silence I let my pulse rate come down a little and then got up and went back over stood next to the bed, bent over and kissed her. I tasted the familiar taste of my own sex juice and allowed my tongue to play with hers, she was still hot and I felt her hand slide up my thigh past my hold ups and as I spread my legs her finger slid straight into my cunt. I edged round and lay on the bed next to her kissing all the time and started to finger her back. She pulled away and asked if I would eat her out again, I gladly obliged and we resumed the 69 position I licked and sucked for all I was worth until I felt her shudder and buck to another orgasm, she didn't finish me of though and she flopped onto the pillow sobbing and gulping for air.

This time I just turned round and lay next to her giving her pecking kisses and whispering sweet nothings in her ears.

When she eventually came down she started to play with my tits, giving me small kisses and whispering to me, she said she loved small tits and long legs in stockings and if she had known it would be this good she would have become a dyke years before. Her hand strayed to my cunt and she started to play with my clitoris, I started to respond, I opened up as far as I could and pushed my hips up towards her fingers she fingered me faster and faster, I did likewise to her, we must have been making a hell of a noise It was impossible to bring each off so soon after coming but we had a damn good go! On the let down we continued to kiss cuddle she then asked the predictable question, would I mind if her husband came in and took some photos, no faces and with a Polaroid so there was no chance of and chicanery. I thought about it and although I was a bit apprehensive I said ok but photos only.

She phoned him and 5 minutes later there was a knock on the door, she let him in and he stood there not knowing what to do, seeing his wife and her new found lesbian lover naked together flushed from recent sex. I took the bull by the horns and asked what he wanted pictures of, of course he said everything (typical man) Suprisingly it took a while to get going it was all a bit stilted, he was very careful not to get my face in then although at one point I thought he was going to stick the lens right up Lindas cunt when he took a picture of my fingers inside her! We didn't finish each other off but I must admit I did feel bloody horny afterwards. We laid the pictures on the table and both still naked we studied them, they were quite good for an instant camera, I took two and we destroyed one that I thought showed a bit to much of my face, he took the rest and put them in a envelope, he had a huge bulge in his trousers, you could see it very clearly. Linda saw it and looked sheepishly at me and moved over and unzipped him. I sat in the armchair sipping the watery remains of my drink while she took out his stiff cock and started to suck and rub him. I idlly stroked my clit and cunt lips while watching them. It was like having your own blue movie! he soon tensed up and I saw him start jerking, Linda took it all in her mouth then turned round, came over and kissed me and dribbled his seed into my mouth. Mike looked on in amazement. I swallowed my share and she gulped hers. Things quickly went off the boil then, Linda dismissed Mike and he left, she pulled on her skirt and blouse I put on the hotel bath robe, She asked, rather awkwardly if we could meet again without Mike knowing, I told her I would call her, she gave me her private mobile number she then left after giving me a goodbye kiss, I lay down on the bed smiling and thinking over what had happened. I dropped of to sleep and woke in the small hours, dressed and drove home at about 5.30am.