Written by Karen

16 Feb 2005

Although Ali was no oil painting, aged about 40, 5ft 7ins, slim with a bit of a paunch we hit it off , and for want of anything better to do I agreed to go to a black tie dinner with him, am a tall thin Southern girl half his age, from a fairly well off background who attended boarding school. I met him in his hotel. We had a drink and proceeded to the dinner in the ball room, all went well I acted like the lady he wanted me to be. Ali seemed to love showing me off and at 1.30 he decided he had had enough to drink and of the fun, he was a little tipsy and we left. I was invited to his room for a 'night-cap' however as we left the party there was a half open door that led to the conference atrium that was obviously closed. He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the door to a seating area where he roughly pushed me back against the tall glass window overlooking the street.

Wearing heels meant I was about 8 inches taller than him so he grabbed the front of my dress he pulled my head down and kissed me and pushed his tongue into my mouth and manhandled my small tits, one hand went down and pulled the hem of my cocktail dress up while his other hand spread my legs and pulled my knickers to one side. I was taken by surprise at the speed of the assault, after a couple of seconds of hesitation and non response I thought what the hell and returned his kiss.

His hands were still trying to find there way into my now damp slit so being kind I spread my legs to give him easier access. He needed no prompting and jammed two fingers straight up my cunt, I am quite small and tight so it was uncomfortable to say the least. He let go of my dress and after a bit of fumbling got his cock out, he grabbed my hand and put it on his member. It was rock hard with a drop of juice on the end, not very big, probably 6 inches or less and about an inch across. I pulled away from him and went to get on my knees to suck him off but he pushed me back against the window and pushed himself against me. I managed to hold him off just long enough to take one of my emergency condoms out of my bag and quickly roll it onto his stiff cock quietly hoping it wasn't to big and slipped off! I pulled my dress up, not content with that he reached behind and unzipped it, I shrugged it off my shoulders and it slid to the floor, I stood in front of him braless in high heels and black sheer hold-ups, legs spread. My swollen mound thrust forward. He grabbed my knickers and with a violent tug ripped them of. I guided his cock to the mouth of my now damp cunt and he drove it straight into me, taking my breath away for a second, his mouth was in line with my tits and he started chewing hard on my nipples. He had one hand either side of me, my bare bottom and back were pressed hard against the cold glass. He was relentless, he pounded away at me with no sign of slowing down, what he lacked in size he made up for in stamina. I couldn't believe it I felt my self building up to come, I started to pant and gasp and try to force myself harder onto his relentlessly pounding cock. Suddenly he pulled out and turned me round and bent me over, when I was in the right position he drove straight back into my now soaked and throbbing slit. It was brilliant, I came pretty well straight away but still he carried on, I was wracked with pleasure. I looked down at the street and saw people getting into taxi's and a group of lads over the road looking up at me being fucked senseless. They must have thought they were dreaming, there was a tall thin half blonde girl, wearing just hold-ups and high heels, with her tits pushed against the window putting on a live sex show with a small Asian guy. He carried on pounding away, I came again then lost count. I eventually felt him stiffen and then his cock jerked deep inside me, I prayed he still had the condom on. As soon as he came he pulled out, I dropped to my knees literally fucked! I managed to turn round in time to see him pulling a still intact, spunk filled condom off, I leaned forward and took his limp dick in my mouth and cleaned him up. Abruptly he said get dressed, I got up and somewhat wobbly legged, dressed myself. He walked off and as we got to the lift he said no need to go to his room now, he stiffly shook my hand and with a parting shot of I will see you again soon he stepped into the lift and was gone. I took the next lift down, retrieved my coat from the cloakroom and hoping that the audience of lads had either left or didn't recognize me I went to the cab line. My luck held and my departure was un eventful.

Needless to say I didn't hear from him!