Written by Karen

21 Mar 2005

I found myself with several weeks of free time to kill during my first summer holiday when I was a student. The roof of our block needed replacing badly and I had to move out for at least six weeks.

I didn’t have enough money to go abroad and most of my friends had gone home for the duration.

Being a resourceful girl I decided I would go to Cornwall, it looked like it would be a cracking hot summer and I had spent one family holiday in Newquay when I was about 10. So that’s where I decided to head, get a temp job and spend my summer living it up down there as a surfie, although I had never ever surfed in my life!

Monday lunchtime I put some clothes and a few essentials into a rucksack, remembering to include a couple of bikinis, and dressed in jeans, t shirt and trainers I headed for the bus stop.

I had some cash but I decided it would be more exciting to try to hitch as far as I could, I could always catch a bus later from wherever I reached.

I got off the bus at the closest point to the motor way and walked to the round about, standing at the Southbound slip road entry I held up my hand lettered sign saying ‘Cornwall’ and hoped for the best.

After about 30 minutes an articulated lorry pulled into the side, I ran to the passenger door ands after climbing up and opening it I was met by a brilliant smiling face, it belonged to a man of about 50, “I am only going to Leicester but I will take you to the closest services and I am sure you will get a lift from there” he said.

I jumped in and off we went. He was a perfect gentleman, we chatted about his family and job, where I was from just all the normal stuff. Time flew by and we pulled off the motorway into a truck stop at about 5 in the afternoon, Li (short for Lionel) even bought me a meal.

When we had eaten he asked around and found a meat delivery driver who was driving to Swindon who would give me a lift. He had a couple of ‘drops’ on the way. It was hot and sweaty in my jeans so I went to the ladies and changed into a pair of shorts and sleeveless top, I washed my face and hands and returned to the café.

I thanked Li and went with the new driver to a shining new lorry, this guy was younger, a bit overweight with thinning red head. He never told me his name. We were in a sleeper cab tractor unit of a brand new Volvo. Pushed between the seats I could see what looked suspiciously like a couple of porn mags!

I kept sneaking glances at him imagining what he would be like out of this environment, inevitably my eyes rested on the bulge in his jeans, he looked quite well endowed from where I was sitting.

We had been driving for a few of hours, and had done three small deliveries. Not really saying much and travelling in companionable silence when he announced he was due for a compulsory break and he pulled off the motor way and into a truck stop and parking up area I recall it was opposite some tall aerials. He went to the shop and left me in the cab, as soon as he was out of sight I grabbed the mags and rifled through them stopping every now and again to inspect a picture, one was in German the other was English with a very full readers wives section. It made me quite horny to see them exposed like they are.

I was engrossed in the amateur picture when my door burst open and a hand appeared clutching a tin of Coke and a mars bar, I whipped round guiltily and the magazine fell off my lap onto the floor, he looked down at the mag and back up to my face with a searching look in his eye. “I have decided to stay here tonight and start early” he said, “you can crash in the back and I will use the seats to sleep tonight if you like” I nodded. “Lets go and get cleaned up and have a bite and a couple of beers” it was more a question, I nodded and climbed out of the cab.

We had a shower in the toilet block (it was surprisingly clean) and went into the café and ordered, there was a football match on the TV and we stayed to watch it drinking all the time, at 10.30 I was a bit squify and we went back to the truck.

True to his word he let me get into the back I pulled the curtain across and I stripped to my knickers in the cramped space and he made up a bed of sorts across the seats. I was just drifting into a hazy booze enhanced sleep when I heard a rustelling and felt a hand slid under the sheet and stop on my small boob, I jerked awake as the thumb went to work on my nipple. I don’t know if it was the booze but my cunt juice went into overtime and I was instantly dripping.

I reached up and pulled the curtains aside and saw him kneeling on the seat, naked with his rock hard ginger haired member sticking out illuminated by the interior light for all the world to see. Before I could say come in here he almost jumped onto me.

He started to try the lovey-dovey kissing approach but I had gone past that and told him to just fuck me.

He took a huge breath and was galvanised into action, his hands were everywhere, his mouth clamped onto mine and his snake like tongue was beating mine up while he squeezed and pinched my tits and reached down and ripped my pants right off. His rough hand rubbed hard on my gaping soaked cunt and clitoris. There was no finesse, he wriggled over so he was between my legs and his hard weapon was placed in my pussy lips and he then just shoved hard with his hips. He felt huge, I thought he had torn me open, lightning bolts of pain shot through my cunt and up through my stomach, I am not very big down there and usually need to be well juicy before being penetrated. He started to pound away at me, each thrust getting easier as my internal lubrication gear kicked in to overdrive! The size didn’t diminish though, I guess he was about 7 or 8 inches and quite thick.

He propped himself up above me and just rammed in and out of me for all he was worth. He was a stayer I will give him that, he humped and pumped for what seemed like ages. I looked up at him through half closed eyes, there he was contorted face, ginger cheat hair with his podgy belly resting on and off mine fucking me like crazy, I started to get into the swing of things and buck my hips in time with his thrusts. I felt my own orgasm starting to build. Just as I felt as if I was going to bust I felt him stiffen and a second later he let out a roar and drove really hard and deep into my cunt and emptied his sack into me, his stiff cock jerking and pumping deep inside me.

He pulled out and somewhat embarrassed he rolled over and with his back to me seemed to fall asleep. I rolled the other way and did likewise.

It didn’t seem as if I had been asleep very long when I was woken by a prodding round my nether regions, it took me a couple of seconds to realise what was happening. When I did I pulled my knees up as far as I could in the cramped space to allow the best possible access and in a split second I experienced that glorious feeling of a rock hard cock sliding between my swollen lips deep inside me. Once he was inside he soon got into his rhythm, slamming his weapon in and out bruising and smashing my tender places. I felt myself rise to the challenge and cum in shuddering waves of pain and pleasure he soon blasted his seed well inside me. Once again without a word he pulled out and rolled over, with a smile on my face I did the same.

I was woken by my legs being pushed apart and up and somebody taking me hard, I could just make out my trucker fucker’s contorted face before the pleasure wave took hold and I didn’t care, he seemed to grow every time he shagged me, I was cumming before he had even really got into his stride, he fucked me for what seemed an age, I lost count of my orgasms, again he shot his bolt and rolled over.

Twice more this happened, each time rougher and harder than the last, the final time I was in agony and ecstasy at the same time, I was glad to see the sun rising over his shoulder as he grunted to his final shuddering spurting session at about 6am.

In a state of sexual exhaustion I tried to find my shorts and top. I pulled them on and feeling half decent I moved to the passenger seat, as I moved a great blob of spunk slipped out of my bruised pussy and it felt like there was more to follow “I have to go to the toilet” I said, I picked up my bag and climbed out of the cab.

I spent a few minutes in the toilets inspecting my damaged cunt nothing seemed broken! And cleaning the spunk fall from my pussy and inner thighs.

When I came out he had gone, what a surprise!

I went into the café and ordered a cup of tea, sitting down at a window table and took stock of the situation. Less that 8 hours into my trip I had met a gentleman, travelled about 150 miles, been fucked totally senseless by a guy I didn’t even know his name and dumped in the middle of nowhere. Not a bad start.

I went from table to table asking for a lift south, and soon found myself in a large van with a tall middle aged woman with a very well muscled sun-tanned body that was only just covered by the skimpiest shorts and vest top.

We drove for about 8 hours and arrived at the Exeter services, hot sweaty and tired. We had a quick bite and a cold drink and went back to the van, I was to find my own way from here as she was going the opposite way. She asked me if I would help her check the goods in the back, we got in through the sliding side door and turned the light on. As soon as I was in she slid the door closed and with a very well muscled arm grabbed me and pushed me down onto a stack of dustsheets. She was so strong I was pretty well helpless. She pushed up my top and pulled my shorts down then proceeded to dyke rape me, it was probably the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me, I felt like a child, she seemed to turn and move me effortlessly. Once she realised I was not going to resist she stood and undressed. She was gorgeous shiny rippling muscles, huge hard thighs, tiny breasts on a wall off muscle, all over tan shaved pussy the works.

She went to work on my tender nipples and still bruised cunt, so expertly that she bought me off within seconds. Then it was my turn I knelt between her thighs and went to work chewing her tits each in turn while caressing her gorgeous body. I was drawn down her magnificently hard body, exploring every inch to her pussy, even that was well muscled. I was soon licking, fingering and sucking her for all I was worth, I felt her tense then a warm flow of girl cum ran into my mouth, it was so nice I gulped down as much as I could. She then turned me round and laid me on my side. She did the same until we were laying in a straight line with our heads at each end. She slid herself up my legs so our cunts were touching. Slowly, oh so slowly she started to writhe and gyrate, faster and faster she went so our cunts and clits were rubbing and so stimulated, I felt my clit burst from its hood and every movement was like an electric shock. We started to buck and moan, thrusting and pushing together the van must have been rocking on its springs we were moving so hard. We both came pretty well together, it was amazing it was the first time I have ever been had like that, and I don’t know if it was because I was already so swollen but I haven’t been able to repeat it since.After a cool down period we got dressed and went our separate ways. I have had a very soft spot for women body builders ever since that day.

Eventually I got a lift with a mixed group of 15 surfers travelling in 3 campers and a mini bus all the way to Newquay but that’s another story!

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