Written by KarenTV

26 Apr 2005

Having arranged to meet a new friend who replied to one of my SH adds a couple of weeks ago I was asked to dive up to a picnic area near Tow Law. Instructions were to arrive dressed. Explicit request was for me to wear stockings and suspenders, knee length boots, short light weight skirt, full make up (I always go to meet friends dressed anyway but having been given explicit instructions I was intrigued and a little excited at the prospect for the morning).

I arrived at 10 a.m. half an hour prior to the arranged meeting time, really because I wanted to check out the site and get acclimatised to the surroundings. My contact had told me he would ring when he was within 10 minutes of the picnic area and wanted me to be out of the car when he pulled in, as he wanted to be able to check me out as he drove in.

It was a damp drizly sort of morning but I quite enjoy those sort of conditions when out dressed so everything was set up and I was ready for the meeting.

I lay the seat back allowing myself to recline and relax while I waited for my friend to arrive. As I just got settled into the seat another car entered the park and parked opposite me about 15 yrds away. I sensed straight away that there was a possibility of a quicky and as I still had twenty minutes to wait I thought I would have a little fun.

He got out of his car and walked towards me heading for a footpath that led behind me into the trees. As he approached I hitched up the front of my skirt revealing a good length of stocking clad thigh and exposed an inch or so of stocking top, just enough to let him know there was something on offer. he copped an eyeful as he passed by the drivers door and as he passd behind the car he paused rubbing himself allowing me to get a view of his actions in my rear view mirror.

He disappeared into the trees and I exited the car as he did so and followed his path. As I rounded a bend in the path he was standing with his gorgeous manhood standing proud in his hand, masterbating himself slowly.

"Wow you look hot" he said as I stood watching him.

"MMM" I replied " and so does that"

" I wondered what you were doing parked on your own and thought there might be someone with you who had just got out to relieve himself, this is a real bonus" he said as he continued to stroke his ever growing member.

"Well I am supposed to meeting someone within the next 15 minutes, but if you want to relieve some of that tension I would be willing to accomodate"

I moved forward a couple of paces and he placed his hand inside my jacket. I was only wearing a satin black bra underneath and the coolness of his hand as he made contact with my breast sent a shiver through me. He pulled down the front of the cup to expose my erect nipple and tweeked it between his finger and thumb. I went weak at the knees as the tingling sensation coursed through my loins.

"Yes" he said "I would like you to relieve me, but it wont take too long"

"MMMM" I replied " thats good" and I squated in front of him and was rewarded with a sigh of pleasure as I slid his member inside my red lips. I continued to wank him as I took him deeper into my mouth. He was right it didnt take too long. I sensed him tense in anticipation after possibly only 30 seconds of attention from my lips and I was rewarded by a sudden exquisite taste of salty juice as he unloaded himself into my mouth. As he finished and pulled away a sliver of cum ran down from the corner of my mouth and I picked it up on the end of my finger and licked it off, not wanting to waste any.

"Was that OK" I asked as he tidied himself up, drying the end of his cock on his handkerchief.

" Oh yes" he replied "that was absolutely brilliant, what a start to the day." At which he thanked my before we both made our ways back to our respective cars.

having arrived back in my car my mobile rang and my date informed me he was about 10 minutes away. " I hope you havn't been waiting too long. I got stuck in traffic"

"No. No" I relpied " I managed to find something to entertain me - I got stuck into something as well".

Obviously when he arrived I told him what had transpired while I waited for him and funnily enough he seemed quite turned on after I finished telling him what had happend!