Written by Karen

11 Oct 2004

The layby just off the A66 near where I live has been listed on this site for quite sometime and I had wanted to visit to find out whther it was true that it was a hot place for fun. I'm an experienced TV, in my late 40's now, but look much younger when fully dressed with make-up wig and all of the girly stuff I love to wear.

I had made contact with a guy from Teesside who said he wanted to take me for a drive and a bit of layby fun one night as he was very much looking forward to treating me as his special girl.

The early evening had been spent preparing myself for the evening entertainment. I had bathed, total body shaved and applied a smoothing body lotion. Make up applied to perfection and had chosen a shoulder length blond wig. The only items of underwear chosen were a pair of black tight skimpy panties (so as to keep my bits securely hidden away)and a pair of black hold up stockings. A short black wrap over shirt was fasten around my waist, the silky material feeling devine against my bare thigh and bottom. A red silky blouse was also chosen as the material makes my nipples stand erect. Black knee length suade boots and short black leather jacket were used to finish off the look. I was hot and ready for action.

Pulling into the White Horse car park I looked around for the 4 wheel drive vehicle which my friend had said he would be driving and was pleased to see he had parked in a dark corner of the car park. I pulled into the opposite side of the car park and flashed my lights as I reversed into the vacant space. It was a quite breezy evening and as I climbed out of my car and wlaked across to where my date was parked the front of the wrap over skirt blew open, as I hoped it would, giving whoever wanted to look a good eyefull of my stocking tops. Pulling open the pasenger door of the 4WD the interior light came on and I was greeted by my new friend. "wow" he exclaimed "you look absolutely terrific". "Flattery will get you what ever you want" I said in reply. " Hi I'm Karen" (pronounced care-un. He leaned toward me and gave me a peck on the lips - "Hi I'm Derek and I am very pleased to meet you". " Well drive on Derek what have you got in mind pet"

As we turned onto the main road Derek said he would like to take me to a local layby on the West Auckland road to see what sort of response I'd get from a few guys, " no problem" I said, excited by the prospect.

Pulling into the layby there were already two cars pulled up and we could make out a couple of shadowy figures by the side of one of the cars. Derek pulled up and after minute or so allowing our eyes to get accustomed to the dark he said "switch on the interior mirror light Karen and re-apply some lipstick". Having done this I was delighted to see that one of the guys walk across to Dereks door and stand there masturbating. "hmm that seems to have touched a cord with our friend here" I lay the seat back slightly and leaving the interior light on lay back closed my eyes and allowed Derek to start to display me for our interested viewer. Derek took hold of the hem of my skirt and lifted it to one side exposing my stocking clad thighs and crotch area. With my tight panties there was no indication at all that that there were any male bits and to all intents and purposes the crothc area was a womans."Start playing with youself Karen" I started to slowly moved my gloved hands dowm over my thigh, framing the crotch area with both hands before moving the fingers of my left hand between my crotch as though starting to frog myself, as a woman would. Derek had wound down his window and I could hear him talking to the guy outside.

"He thinks you are absolutely gorgeous Karen. Says he has not seen anything like you in here before. He is wanking himself up into a frenzie and would like to leave you a deposit - do you wnat to entertain him".

Having agreed his request Derek had switched off the interior light and told me to open my car door and turn so that my legs were protruding out of the door. Derek had positioned me to face the gut as he approached the passenger door. Slipping his hand around my body Derek started playing with my nipples make me groan in pleasure at the sensation. He turned my head round so that he could kiss me and continued to kiss me softly as our guest approached and slipping his hands up my legs pulled my skirt open. Derek gave me a bottle off poppers to pull on and as the effects of the stimulant took hold of me I started to moan in pleasure as Derek continued to play with my nipples from behind as our guest unbuttoned my blouse exposing my breast and fondling them. The cold evening air was adding to the tinglinging sensations running from my nipples to my groin. As I looked ot my new admirer he started to masturbate madly and I could sense he was not far away. " Oh Please honey, soak my panties with your juice". He did not need any further encouragement as he moved in between my legs. Leaning forward I kissed him full on the lips gently as he continued to wank hard and fast. As his breathing became fast and laboured I whispered into his ear " give me all of your juice hon. Soak my panties" At which he duly obliged, gritting his teeth and pulling hard on his cock he deposited a thick jet of hot cum all over my panties. As he finished I scooped up a good finger full of his lovely juice and licked off my finger " Hmmmm delicious" I said, turning to Derek. "What's next hon". Kissin me softly and savouring some of the juice I had just being enjoying he said "there is a good layby on the A66 which I think will be very interesting for you.

This story is to continue.