Written by KarenTV

27 Dec 2006

Having recently written about my last visit to a long standing acquaintence and of my possible intention of retiring Karen, due mainly to the fact that i will soon no longer have a facility to store all of the stuff I need to maintain Karen's appearance and the fact that I was feeling a little down about the prospect of finally calling a halt to things I received a tremendous email from a guy who had really appreciated the story and had gone on to read the previous stories. He said all of the right things and was very complimentary having seen the pics on my profile. We exchanged several emails and decided that as the facility I use to meet friends will soon be closing down it was perhaps appropriate if we were ever going to meet to actually get it together sooner rather than later as there may be no time to meet in the future.

His emails had spelled out what he liked in a girl and everything he said suited my needs exactly, he was actually just what I had been looking for as a possible long standing friend. Just my luck, having been wanting to meet someone and advertising the fact for three years now that just when things look like going pear shaped a guy comes along who ticks all of the boxes.

arrangements were made and i arrived early to ensure I had the look just right. he said he wanted to be able to see my legs regardless of what I wore so I chose a shortish dress which is very clingy. Not wearing a bra because the dress shows off my errect nipples and small breast quite nicely and is also tight enough so as to be able to see the outline of the high line panties I was wearing. Black hold ups, a particular favourite of mine, with calf length 4 inch heeled boots. Long blonde wig and the make up was applied with care and attention. I finished the look off with a short pink jacket, a little bit tarty but with a little bit of a classy look too.

Having just finished with my make-up the phone rang " Hi its Gary".

" I like a guy who keeps good time gary, you couldnt have timed it any better" he was given directions to the place we were meeting and after a couple of minutes I watched this tall figure approach the pelican crossing and make his way across the road to the doorway. He looked exactly as he had described himself. 6' 2" which I find very attractive. its nice to have someone who is taller than I am because at 5'10" in heels most guys do stand a little lower than I do, so i was looking forward to spending time with a tall guy.

Entering he said " wow, you look better than you do in the pictures you sent" held out both arms and took me into his chest and greeted me with a big hug and a peck on the lips.

We exchanged pleasantries over a cup of coffee and i was pleased to see him watching me as i walked backwards and forwards with the coffee cups.

Eventually making our way to the bedroom Gary took me in his arms initially and started by saying again that he thought I a gorgeous chick! and that he was so pleased we had managed to arrange to meet. Then he leaned me back against the wall, as we had discussed in our emails, and started to titilate me by kissing my neck and then kissing me passionately as he pressed up against me.

Standing back he said he wanted me to remain clothed as I was. he removed his jacket,trousers,socks & shoes then lay on the bed. " Come and join me karen, lie down here".

Doing as I was asked he proceeded to kiss me and at the same time manipulate my nipples. As he was attending to me I slipped my hand down his back and eventually locked onto his ever hardening member, still encased in his underpants. I was moaning with pleasure as he continued to tease my nipples gently tweaking the rose buds sending tingling sensations throughout my body.

Turning onto his back after several minutes of continued manipulation he said " it's time for you to adopt your favourite position karen. I want to feel myself penetrating you. So go on girl get your pleasure now and then afterwards you can do something for me".

Lifting my dress to expose stocking tops & knickers i positioned myself across him stradling him and placed myself facing him,taking him in hand in order to have him positioned pefectly to enter me.

Slowly I inserted his ample member, holding him at about 2" penetration until I was comfortable with what he was offering. He had a good girth so I knew it would take a little time to accept him with pleasure rather than pain.

He was very good in as much as he laid quite still allowing me to control the entry. Taking a long pull on the poppers I waited for the effects of the stimulant to sweep over me. As the sensation of total relaxation swept through my body and the pleasures obtained from anal penetration were growing I proceed to move ever so slowly accepting his manhood with whimpers of pleasure as i took him deeper and deeper with each slow movement.

Looking into his eyes as full penetration was achieved I smiled as he moved his hands to my hips, sweeping over my stocking tops and exploring the length of white flesh between the stockings and the hem of my dress.

"You are good karen" he said as I wiggled my backside experiencing the tingling sensation in the back of my neck.

Then we proceeded to screw, me controlling the movements and pace. We continued for several minutes. Most guys would have ejacualted pretty soon after achieving full penetration but gary took it wonderfully.

My inner thighs were starting to tire after several minutes and sensing my discomort Gary asked me to lie on my side beside him as he wanted to try lying behind me. It was a position he had read about and always wanted to try.

Once in position I turned my head as he leaned over to kiss me. He was in control now and as I pulled once again on the poppers he proceeded to enter me lying behind me, both of us lying on our sides. He was watching the penetration in the wall mirrors on either side of the bed and exclaimed after a few minutes of abandoned screwing that it was the sexiest thing he had every seen. He placed a strong hand around my waist and pulled himself into me and held himself at full penetration as I again turned my head to accept a passionate kiss.

" I want you to take my cum in your mouth Karen". And never being able to turn down the chance to give oral to completion I positioned myself, head against his belly as he lay on his back as i started to orally stimulate him. Moving back and forwards with my head taking him to the back of my throat and then moving him so that he was nearly out of my lips with each movement. I could sense his tension rising as climax approached and i let out a whimper of shear delight as he started to cream in my mouth. I maintained a slow rythm until he eventually asked for respite due to his organ going into sensitivity overdrive.

Swallowing and licking the remaining liquid from my lips I lay back to relax. Surprisingly he leaned over and kissed me again. He was still errect! " How about changing into another outfit karen then we can go through it all again!!!"

"Wait right there I said as i pressed the play button on the video, " you can watch me on the telly while I get changed".

And continue we did, but I will fill you in with details another time.