Written by Karen

14 Oct 2004

Having left one area heading for another supposedly hot spot, with my panties still soaked in warm juice from our first encounter of the night, (see previous story for details of how I got in this state)as he drove, Derek continued to compliment me on how things had gone so far. "i,m so pleased to have picked up your advertisment from the 'swinging heaven site' Karen, I thought the evening was going to be fun but I cant believe the way it has started. That guy's eyes nearly popped out of his head when you allowed him to cream over you" and, having placed his hand between my legs, feeling the damp warm area of my crotch, added "that feels so good, he was quite a heavy cummer our friend".

"Yes" I replied "that will keep me wet for quite a while".

Pulling into our next destination I was pleased to see several cars parked along the side of the long stretch of dark lane. As we passed by I could see that three at least were occupied by single males and another couple had no occupants.

We pulled into a space between two cars, all facing the same direction. Again Derek asked me to turn on the sun visor mirror and apply some fresh lippy. Having completed the task and turned off the light the guy in the car in front of us got out of his car. Derek said" that got him interested and the guy in the car behind us has flashed his lights also".

"What now then Derek" I asked.

" Now you get out of the car Karen and walk over to the guy in front and go see what is on offer - go girl" he said.

Doing as I was told I opened the passenger door of the 4WD and walked the few yards toward the guy who, I could tell, was obviously already preparing himself. Cock in hand stroking himself gently.

I said " hi there could you do with a hand with that job"

"that would be nice" he said.

Taking him in hand I started to slowly masterbate his throbbing manhood. Nice size and as hard as rock, I tingled with anticipation as I continued to manipulate his weapon.

He was exploring me with his left hand as I pleasured him. I whinced and let out a whimper of delight as his hand found the bare flesh between my stocking top and panties. And I positively shook as he found the crease of my bottocks and explored my entrance with an inquisitive finger. I had, as always, prepared myself earlier by applying lubricant and he entered me easily and started to finger me, first with one finger then two. Hmmm the feelings running through me were undescribeable.

I hadnt noticed the occupant from the other car aproaching until I felt a hand on my buttocks and turned round to see a young guy, mid 20's, very nice looking. As I turned my head he asked if he could join in.

" Oh yes,Please do" I said

His left hand came up and started stroking my nipple through the material of my blouse. My nipples were erect and aching the sensations caused by his handling of me as well as the other guy fingering me deep had me gasping.

Derek whispered to my two attendee's and I was told to take the first guy orally. Derek told me to bend over from the waist and take him in my mouth because I was about to be spit roasted.

The taste of the guys cock was devine, the slightly salty taste of hids pre cum was delicious as I devoured him inch by inch, slurping greedily as he slowly moved back and forth.

The young guy approached me from behind gripping my hips as he set himself up. Having donned protection he entered me slowly, an inch being given and held as he waited for me to groan. Then he withdrew slightly before pushing again another inch. "MMpph" is all I could manage to say as I was being pleasured so expertly.

"this isnt going to take long" I heard the young guy say as he pulled hard on my hips and slid into me impaling me fully on his shaft.

" Oh yesss", I heard him say as his climax rose in his loins.

The guy in my mouth came unexpectedly as I was savouring the feeling of the guy ramming into me from behind. His creamy, warm cum tasted delicious as he unloaded inside my mouth and the young guy unable to hold off any longer came inside me in a series of short hard jerks.

I was well and truly roasted. My two suiters thanked me for the attention and made their seperate ways to their own vehicles.

Derek standing behind me put his arms around me and pulled himself tight into my back saying "that was an incredible sight Karen. Kneel down in front of me lady, I have something I think you'll enjoy".

Doing as I was told he positioned himself in front of me and said "just stay there". He wanked hard and fast and within seconds he covered me with his creamy cum. The first gush hit me just above my mouth and I licked it greedily before lurching forward and taking the remainder of his man juice orally. Swallowing whatever he was able to give me before withdrawing and licking him clean.

We Sat in his car for a while getting our breath back before heading back to Darlington to pick up my car. We have a date arranged for another session within the next few weeks so I will have more to tell in the not too distant future.