Written by karentv28

27 Jul 2005

The car was in for a service and being unable to take advantage of a free day to travel around my favourite haunts I thought a quick message on Swinging Heaven might bring some attention my way.

Dressed in my black bra, panties and hold up stockings. Knee length boots short wrap over skirt and red PVC jacket. Fully made over with earings and shoulder length blond wig I was amusing myself looking through several porno sites while I waited to see if anyone was interested in a home alone middle aged tranny.

I was enjoying looking at TV's/she males being pleasured by real admirers. My juices were running and the crotch of my panties, where my own little treasure was encased, was fast becoming very, very moist.

Checking on to my emails I had a hit from a guy who said he lived only afew miles away wanting to meet me for some fun. Asked what I was wearing and having told him he said he would love to see me for real. Having veiwed my photo clips on my add he thought I was real cute "his words" and was sure he could give me something to squeal about. Asking waht he meant by that comment he said he had 8 inches of cut manhood that he would like to have me sit on. I went weak at the knees at the thought of being pleasured by an 8 inch piece of manhood, but said cooly that it could be all just talk and he might be a complete time waster.

We chatted for a while longer and it became obvious that he was a TV admirer and had met and entertained TV's in the past. Ok I agreed that if he could get to me with 30 minutes we could spend and hour or so getting to know one another.

I gave hime directions and asked him to contact me once he had made his way to the train station in Newton Aycliffe. He contacted me from there after about 20 minutes and I told him he was 5 minutes away and gave him final directions to my house.

Watching his Vauxhall pull into the square I told him which house to head for and that I would be waiting at the door. As he rang the bell I opened the door and allowed him into the hallway. Wow he said "you look even better in the flesh". At which he leaned forward saying it's so nice to meet you Karen, pecking me softly on the corner of my mouth.

"Please come into the lounge Peter" I led the way and beckoned him to sit on the couch. "Would you like something to drink, tea, coffee, something stronger perhaps". He asked if he could perhaps have a glass of water. Turning away I walked into the kitchen, I could feel him watching me as I walked across the kitchen floor. Taking a glass from the cupboard I turned on the tap and was filling the glass as he came over to me at the sink. I turned to face him and handed him the glass, he could see I was excited as the glass was shaking in my hand as he took it from me. He sipped the water slowly watching me as he quenched his thirst.

Placing the glass on the draining board he put his hands on my hips and pushed himself hard aginst me pinning me against the sink. He leaned forward and kissed me gently. I enjoyed the sensation as he carressed me expertly, eventually our mouths opened and he was exploring me with his tongue, I was held firmly in position with the kithcen sink against my backside. He was hard and getting harder and judging by the firmness swelling in his pants I guessed he wasnt fibbing about the size of what he had to offer.

He continued to kis me softly, he certainly was experienced and I guessed from his actions that he would be as comfortable with a real woman as he was with me.

He put one hand into his pocket and took out a condom, placing it on the sink to my right. He also had a lubricant pack which he bit the corner off. Take some of this onyour finger Karen, you know what to do with it. Doing as I was told still staniding with the sink at my back I proceeded to lubricate myself.

From his other pocket he produced a bottle of poppers and having taken a a pull himself asked me to take some too. I pulled heavily holding the vapours in my lungs as the effects started to sweep over me. In a short time I was light headed and just relaxed into him as he started to kiss me again.

He puled away and asked me turn around to face the kitchen window. As I turned he offerred me another pull on his poppers and as I was inhaling the vapour and waiting for the feelings to take me over again he placed his condom on his erection, loosened the waist of my skirt and removed it expertly. I was holding on to the sink for support, feeling a bit dizzy and totally relaxed as he positioned himself at the entrance of my pleasure hole. again placing his hands on my hips he started to penetrate me. Expertly he started to screw me bit by bit, making sure I was comfortable before continuing to penetrate deeper. He was in no rush and I guess he took possibly ten minutes to reach full insertion. But with another pull on the poppers he knew tha I was fully relaxed and he could start to go to work pleasuring me.

I moaned as he finally allowed himself to go into the final throws. I arched back as he gritted his teeth and released his juices inside of me.

More to follow