Written by Arthur50

2 Sep 2004

This is a story that wouldn’t suit everyone but it certainly does us.

Kate and I are in our early fifties and like many long-term married couples the kids had grown up and left home so we have time on our hands and our sex life had reduced over recent years to playing once a week.

A few years ago we had some really good regular sex with a mate of mine and Kate liked the attentions of two men at once but that was years ago and we never looked for anyone else after he moved away.

One Sunday morning recently I picked up the local free paper off the kitchen worktop and saw it was open on the personal ads and a couple of them were marked in pen with crosses. I made light of it but I knew Kate was not satisfied sexually so I asked her what she was doing and she said she was just looking at different interesting men for a laugh. I wasn’t surprised and the thought of her possibly interested in other men again did fire my imagination and even made my cock wake up from its slumber thinking about it.

Nothing more was said at that time but a couple of days later we were chatting and I casually asked Kate if she would really like to meet someone and see how it goes. She laughed and said no-one would be interested in her now at her age and she had put on weight but I told her that was rubbish, she had lovely large breasts to die for, great long shapely legs and she looked gorgeous but it was her choice , if no-one interested her then fine, we can forget it.

Kate said the idea obviously interested her as she did enjoy the sex with Ed and me but she wouldn’t want to upset me. She was worried what it would mean to us but luckily I was able to reassure her that our relationship was still strong after all these years and our earlier fun with Ed didn’t effect us at all.

I could see nothing wrong in having a little more fun before we are too old as we only have ourselves to answer to these days so she agreed and said its only sex and suggested we have a look at the papers for a “hunky” man or two to share her with as she would quite like more than one extra male to see what its like as its only sex.

It was a surprise to me that she was interested in having three blokes (including me) if possible but to cut a long story short, the papers turned out to be a real waste of time for us, the blokes who were seemingly interesting just really wanted some horny phone sex with her to aid wanking which was not for her and they were usually married and so cautious it wasn’t worth pursuing.

A couple of months passed wasting time with the paper ads and Kate was still very keen to meet someone so we agreed to try the Internet and amazingly we ended up in contact with a 45yr old guy called Dick!! who lived about 20miles from us and had no “baggage” or complications.

He was great over the phone, very humorous with an earthy and sexy sense of humour which made Kate laugh and quickly take to him and so did I and he said he had a friend-Dave who would be very interested as well. We chatted with him together and separately over the phone until we arranged to meet at a pub one Friday night near his place and he clearly understood and agreed it was just a first meet but also knew I was fully supportive if they wanted to come on to her and if anything should happen.

On the Friday we were due to meet them Kate said she was really looking forward to some possible sex like we had before and agonised over what to wear as she hadn’t “dressed to impress” for years. After what seemed like a dozen changes and ages doing her make-up she was almost happy with just a smart white blouse that was a little tight fitting but looked good, short skirt, sheer stockings and heels. She wasn’t sure but I eventually persuaded her to undo a couple more of the buttons at the front of her blouse than usual so the top rounds of her large full breasts were just showing, which would turn any man on.

It was a very old small rural place, if it wasn’t for the sign you wouldn’t know it was a pub and inside there were just wooden chairs, bench seats around the sides and half a dozen tables, there was no smart restaurant or music, it was just a traditional man’s pub in the country, not much larger than our lounge. There were just half a dozen men around Dick’s age there when we arrived around 8.30pm.

Dick had saved a corner table was very pleased to see us, saying he never knew if we would actually turn up but we told him we are genuine and always would or phone him in advance if we had a problem.

He was just like we imagined, of course we had exchanged face pics but he was tall and broad shouldered as he told us and quite thick set but not fat although he must be around 14 stone. He was a Joiner and looked very strong which definitely appealed to Kate and he introduced Dave who had been at the Bar and was ok, he was similar to Dick and an Electrician but had the same sense of humour.

They were very courteous when we first arrived and after Dick got us drinks they sat either side of Kate and we had all the polite small talk and their friendly nature coupled with a couple of drinks soon relaxed Kate. Dick soon became more playful like before on the phone and told a few crude jokes and also chatted to the others in the pub so we soon both felt quite at home in the small Bar with them all and any initial tension soon evaporated. He introduced us to the others in the pub in turn and kept referring to Kate as a “real woman”. Later on he playfully persuaded her to loosen another button on her blouse which, being just under the peak of her breasts, showed her breasts and bra to better advantage as the blouse opened more and he enthused about the view of her cleavage as he had a good look.

The time seemed to flash past and Kate was giggling and laughing when closing time came and the Landlord--Jim said we could stay on with Dick and Dave and a have a lock in and explained to Kate and me what that meant. Dick asked us if we would like to stay on as his and Dave’s guests but have drinks on the Landlord, laughing as he said it.

Kate was quite confident by now and enjoying the company and attention of everyone there, not just Dick and Dave, and said she was enjoying herself and would like to stay and I liked to see her flirty again so we both agreed to stay on. After he locked the doors and closed the curtains Jim brought over drinks as the others left the pub. He turned the outside lights off and dimmed the lights low inside so anyone passing by would think the pub shut as normal at this time but there was enough light to see each other.

Dick and Dave moved closer to Kate after the lights were dimmed, chatting away to her and Dick slipped his arm around her shoulders and she smiled as we carried on joking and Dick invited Jim to have a drink with us rather than just stand at the bar. Kate joined in with jokes she must have heard on Children’s TV they were so awful but we all laughed a little. After a while Dick moved his hand to gently hold her right breast for a joke and left it there. There was poor light but considering there was me, Dave and Jim sitting around the table I was surprised but she seemed quite relaxed and playful, smiling as he gradually began to gently squeeze and massage it saying how nice it was.

I was now quite horny about how things were starting to develop and we had another drink, chatting more while Dick enjoyed himself with Kate’s Breast and after another ten minutes or so Dave moved his hand to her left breast saying it was jealous and Kate laughed.

Soon after Kate suddenly got up, excused herself and went to the toilets, saying she wouldn’t be a minute and while she was away Dick asked me if I was ok with how things were progressing, commenting how nice Kate’s Tits were to feel and how she likes them being played with. I said it was fine with me, that’s why we met them both after all and I could see Kate seems to be enjoying it.

She returned after a few minutes looking at me and smiling as I spotted she had removed her Bra while she was away as her Breasts were hanging lower and another button had been undone so they were clearly on view now and looked very inviting. She sat down smiling as Dick admired them and laughed, saying she was a sexy woman when he put his arm around her again, pulling her closer to him.

It was only minutes before he slipped his hand inside the blouse and squeezed a naked Breast telling her it was much better feeling it in the flesh. This was very fruity for Kate but she was obviously enjoying his attention and the effect it had on Dave as well.

I was really enjoying our night out with Dick, Dave and their friends, we had never done anything quite like this before, it was quite different to being with Ed at our house. Kate was obviously having fun being the centre of attention with her naked breast being fondled by Dick.

Dick was full of confidence as they all chatted and joked while he made a show of massaging her breasts and later whispered in Kate’s ear and kissed her neck as slowly but quite deliberately Dave undid the remaining front Buttons of her blouse then loosened the cuffs and they slipped her Blouse off together.

Well, Kate and I never planned or even expected this in a pub but I did agree to Dick and Dave coming on to her and Kate was enthusiastically responding to what was happening.

She was now sitting topless with us four men around her , a little nervous and quite flushed in her face at first as there was silence with us all looking at her exposed Breasts but Dick broke the ice when he tickled and played with her, lifting her Breasts up in each hand to show Dave and Jim how large but well shaped and quite soft they were with nice hard nipples, joking about them being a “real woman’s” Tits.

Dick cuddled her topless for a while and she didn’t flinch as Dave touched and squeezed them in turn as Kate was turned on by being fancied again at her age and receiving such attention, so she even let Jim have a feel as well.

The atmosphere in the small room was now becoming highly charged with sexual tension for a moment, there was no joking, just complete silence with the suspense of knowing it was the point where there would be no going back.

Dick slipped his hand in-between Kate’s legs, under her skirt, surprised to feel she had no panties on and she smiled at him when he realised she had removed them with the bra. He lifted her skirt up to show us her pussy was bare then stroked her mound of hair as we moved ever closer around her. As Dick was stroking her Dave took her hand and guided it to feel his rigid cock in his trousers and she held it there, squeezing it and licking her lips as it was a good size so Dick knew it was time and moved his hand from her pussy and loosened her skirt. When it was free Kate smiled as Dave slowly pulled it down and right off so she was now naked apart from her stockings and heels.

There was silence as she lay back on Dick as he stroked and played with her mass of soft curly pubic hair with his hand while Dave and Jim were mesmerised watching him squeeze her breasts with the other one, kissing her neck and sucking her ear lobe.

It was clear to us all Kate was now highly charged herself as she turned her head to kiss him softly on the lips and turned her body and moved closer as he continued to squeeze her Breasts and stroke her pussy telling her she was so gorgeous and a sexy “real woman”.

The silence in the room was electric as she murmured in agreement when he asked her if she was in the mood for some really raunchy sex as me, him, Dave and Jim are going to fuck her. He eased his finger inside her pussy lips and could feel the wetness already as it slipped inside slowly up to his knuckle then all the way before retreating to stroke her clit as he slipped another finger inside.

He told her he could feel her cunt was already wet and juicy which excited us as much as her and her breasts were now receiving attention from both Dave and Jim as she leaned back on Dick.

Kate was beginning to move her hips around in the chair and opened her legs wide as he played with her clit and Dick told her again she will have some raunchy sex with me, him, Dave and Jim and asked her if she really wants to experience that. She instinctively nodded her head in reply as Dave kneeled down to her pussy and used his tongue to great effect, along with Dick’s fingers.

Jim cleared the glasses off the table and wiped it over as Kate leaned back with her legs wide apart as Dave’s tongue was buried deep in her pussy. Suddenly, just after she lifted her hips up in orgasm again, Dick, Dave and Jim lifted her up quickly on to the table top lying on her back with her bum at the end. Automatically Dick, Dave, Jim and me dropped our trousers quickly at the same time and we all had hard upright cocks and surprisingly Jim’s was the biggest by far but Dick’s and Dave’s were quite impressive with mine was just below average.

Dick lifted her bum off the table and teased her with his cock head before thrusting it forward and was like a man possessed as he pounded back and forth with Kate’s legs wrapped around his waist as Dave offered her mouth his cock which she greedily accepted, licking and sucking it while Jim played with her breasts.

We each took turns and when it was Jim’s go Kate’s bum visibly jumped off the table at first as he thrusted forward but she quickly wrapped her legs around him and grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled him in tight. She really enjoyed that.

It seemed like the fucking went on for hours but in reality it was just over one but the activity was continuous all that time. It is true to say we all enjoyed that hour of fun and needed a drink so Jim obliged and we dressed gain apart from Kate who just slipped her blouse on as she was wet and sticky.lol

It was strange as we sat around the table again having a drink, we didn’t analyse the fun just chatted but without jokes. I was spent and so were the others I think but Kate was just wet with a red flush about her.

She went to Jim’s private Bathroom to have a shower after the drink and I chatted to the others. Dick said the night was better than he could have imagined and so did I and said Kate’s jumping up when Jim first fucked her was a sight and they laughed.

After her shower Kate came down wrapped in a towel as her blouse was dirty with cum so Jim put it in his washing machine for a quick wash and then we realised we couldn’t drive home yet as we had a few drinks. Jim offered us the use of a spare bedroom until the morning and made us all coffee and we thought it best to stay but Dave had to get home so he went quickly.

While we sat there Kate’s towel loosened as they always do when you move around and quite by accident fell off. Surprisingly her first reaction was to cover herself up with her hand which was daft as we had recently fucked her and we all saw the funny side. But being the perfect gentleman Dick immediately covered her with his hands and suggested we all have a lie down in Jim’s spare bedroom and she left the Towel behind when we went upstairs.

Good old Dick, we just entered the bedroom when he had Kate on all fours and fucked her from behind with those tits swinging side to side and then we all had some more fun for a while.

We did eventually fall asleep, four on a bed, and when I woke up I was sleeping with Dick’s arm around me with Kate and Jim gone. I carefully got up and went to look for Kate and found her in Jim’s Kitchen on her knees sucking his cock while he sat on the chair. I told her to carry on and finish and she did without hesitation as he shot his cum down her throat and she sucked, swallowing it all.

Without a word she smiled and waved at me then went for a shower and to get dressed.

Jim told me they both woke up at the same time, Kate was feeling his cock and it was quickly hard, she asked him to fuck her again so they came downstairs quietly and he fucked her over the kitchen table. They had a cup of Tea afterwards and then she rubbed his cock again and was giving him a blow job when I came down. I said good luck to him and I didn’t mind at all after last night.

We left before Dick even woke up and had some more good sex at home before going to sleep again for a few hours.

Well, Dick, Dave and Jim became good friends of ours, we only ever meet over the weekends at the pub and usually once a fortnight there is a lock-in on the Friday or Saturday night, sometimes Dave can’t make it as he is married and sometimes there is an occasional guest. Its only twice a month but its strictly private and sometimes we use a table and other times the bed then we sleep over, the pleasure Kate and I get out of it is immense. I know Jim fucks her sometimes outside of the weekend when she visits the pub but she enjoys his cock and it has encouraged her to loose 2 stone in weight and make much more effort with her hair and clothes and we now fuck 3 or 4 times during the week again so I’m not complaining and hope it continues for a while yet.

If you want to know more about what happened after that first lock-in then let me know.