Written by kate ,john and me

2 Sep 2004

she is 26 short curvy and has huge tits and her name is kate.i have wanted to shag her for years.i have danced with her, flirted with her and i have wanked over every sexy thought i could think about her.but i cant have her because she belongs to someone else(my best freind john). last week i went to her house to see john but he had been called out to work.kate let me in and offered me a cup of tea. she was wearing a short denim skirt and a white blouse and a black bra which was showing through.kate is freindly and flirty but she would never shag around, it wasnt her nature.we spoke about things as normal and all the while i imagined as usual me having her.i know we all have fantasies and i knew that is all she would ever be.anyway we got talking about holidays and she asked mw if i would house sit for her and john for 2 weeks while they went away.i agreed and moved in when they left.the second week i was there i got bored so i decided to have a look around the house and be nosey.i looked under the bed hoping to find some dirty mags or some of her knickers.i had already found a pair of her panties in her draw they were clean but i still wanked while i was holding them and stuff.anyway i found under the bed a couple of blank videos,thinking they were normal porn i put one on downstairs.i couldnt belevie it when i saw a camcorder of john filming kate dancing around in her white knickers.she also was filmed using dildos and i was wanking over the film as i watched.it lasted about 30 minutes by that time i had cum inside my jeans.i put the other one on and it started of with kate talking about her fantasies while john filmed.some of the stuff she said almost knocked me over.she said how she wanted other men to fuck her and that she wanted to swing and have orgies.then she started to mention guys we knew at school and how she wanted to fuck them.she mentioned some of our freinds then to my surprise i heard my name.she said in detail that she had always facied me since we were kids and what she wanted to do to me now.john was saying things to spur her on and she said she wanted to suck me off.by that time i was so hard i just wanted to spunk again.next thing the tape cut to a scene where kate was sucking a guy off,then another guy came in and joined while john filmed it.i watched how she was fucked by them in turn then john had her while the other guy filmed it.the tape went blank then john apeared fucking a blonde woman.then the next scene cut to kate and john fucking and kate was calling my name as she was being shagged.i was so turned on by the fact that she wanted me it made me wish she was here.there wasnt much left on the tape and i rewound them and put them back.when kate and john returned i spent alot of time dropping hints to them about swinging and sex.but they just didnt seem interested.until one evening i plucked up the courage and told them what i had seen on the video.they were shocked at first then confessed there swinging life style.its funny all the time i wanted to have an affair with kate and all the while she wanted to shag me.i now join her and john in bed and go to parties with them.john even lets me shag kate when he is called in to work.kate is sexy and i love shagging them they even invite another girl they know to join us so i have even had the pleasure of having sex with two women at once.i love watching john and kate together and i love filming them.pushing my cock into kates hole and watching my cum drip out of her cunt really is the best feeling .