Written by Demi

5 Nov 2008

Hi its only me again, Demi, this is my 6th letter to you, keeping you up to date with whats going on in my life. If you want to see the rest search for demi

My mind was still in turmoil after my day at the pub with Ken, my pussy was still sore from having to accommodate his immense penis for 5 times during the day and I was still getting hot flushes thinking about how I behaved like a complete slut, kneeling down in front of a group of men, most of whose names I don’t even know, and sucking off the 2 winners of the pool contest(complete strangers to me) while they all watched.

That’s not forgetting that I was dressed like a hooker with my boobs on display for most of the evening and a DVD of me being used for sex by 4 guys being played on the pubs tv sets.

Then to top it all off my husband came home drunk and had sex with me not even noticing that my pussy was so stretched he could have got his fist in, and kept telling me how hot for him I was because I was so wet!

I knew this would not be the end of my thing with Ken but was a little concerned at how things were turning out and more than a little amazed at my willingness to do as I was told.

I kept getting sent pics on my phone of people posing with me, me sucking the 2 guys off, and showing my outfits and how my boobs and bum and pussy were showing most of the time, there even a few of Ken burying his penis inside me.

Still my husband having sex with me was a sort of bonus as it meant that I didn’t even have to think about the morning after pill now, if anything did happen it could easily be his.

Ken was obviously being kept busy as he didn’t contact me for sex and wasn’t picking up when I tried his phone (something I could hardly believe, me trying to contact him so I could let him have his way with me, what was happening?) I was getting frustrated even though my hubby was having sex with me regularly, it just wasn’t the same, I mean he was nice and considerate, always making sure my needs were met and that I had climaxed before he came, unlike Ken who didn’t seem to care less as long as I was there to let him use my pussy and fill me up with his semen. He never asked if I had cum but made me climax at least once nearly every time we had sex, he made me feel like I was sex, like my body was built just for him to play with, to dress me as he wanted, to screw me and then to walk off without even a thank you. The real worry was that I was loving it, even the pics and videos he would send showing me at my dirtiest didn’t turn me off him, quite the reverse.

When he finally got in touch I was nearly climaxing just hearing his voice as he told me how to dress and where to meet him (like a whore and at the pub again) I made up some stupid excuse to my husband and was feeling like a schoolgirl as I pulled up in the car park and got out of my car wearing a new red, micro mini skirt that barely covered my sheer silk thong, black hold up fishnet stockings, red ultra high platforms with spiky heels like pole dancers wear, a red see through blouse and a red push up bra that left the tops of my nipples exposed, I went into the bar only to be told that Ken had called to say he would be late and I was to help out Brian again. So I was soon picking up empties and pulling pints for the customers, Brian had photos from the pool contest on display, including ones of me in my various outfits displaying my intimate bits and some of me sucking off the winners of the pairs competition, my face was easily recognisable and so was the look of willingness on it, especially one showing me licking a bit of semen that had escaped my mouth and was running down my chin.

Ken didn’t come in until near closing time, his first words to me were for me to get my bra and panties off, without even thinking I undid my blouse and removed my bra and then hitched my skirt and peeled off the thong. As soon as this was done he told me to get back to work, slapping my bum as I walked past him. There was going to be a lock in and he said I would be expected to stay to the end, when I said my husband may ask questions he told me to phone him and sort it out.

I went to go to the carpark to make the call but he told me to do it there so he could listen, I dialled home and as my husband answered, I felt Kens hand raise my skirt and begin playing with my already damp, pussy, I lost track of what I was saying as Kens fingers started to bring me towards a climax, my husband was asking me if I was ok as I was sounding short of breath and I told him I had been doing an exercise set for a camera club and wouldn’t be able to get back til late as there was a pro there who wanted to chat about the possibility of a shoot. Ken was mauling my boobs with his free hand as I was trying to finish the call, just as I was hanging up I began to climax so hard I dropped my phone on the floor, crying out in pleasure as my entire body shook. I bent from the waist as I had been told to and picked the phone up, hoping it had turned off before my cries.

Ken was saying what a dirty cunt I was and if I enjoyed being played with while I was talking to my husband, I blushed but admitted it. So he took me out the back and bent me over and began stretching my pussy to accommodate his massive penis again (it was very tight after not having had him inside me for so long) and he was enjoying every minute of it, each cry as he rammed more and more of it deep into me, until he was able to begin screwing me mercilessly, triggering another climax quickly before emptying yet another load of his seed into my unprotected womb. As he pulled out he told me to get outside and start helping again and that I would be expected to help Brian out as and when Ken told me to if I ever expected to see him again, I readily agreed, then he added that I was to be the pub mascot at competitions and would have to do as told by him, I said yes, my pussy still aching from his recent penetration and his semen running down my legs as I told him I would do anything he wanted.

I staggered into the bar to cheers from the regulars who knew I had just been screwed by Ken even without looking at the thick strands of cum hanging below my skirt.

And that’s pretty well how thing went from there on, I was getting plenty of sex from both my husband and Ken, regularly, although Ken always seemed to make sure he emptied his balls into me several times an evening, to Ken it was a bit of a contest, he said that it would b e his bastard growing in me not my husbands and even went to the trouble of getting me some of those tight fitting latex panties, he would make sure that my pussy was higher than my head before pulling out of me and then he would hold my legs up as I pulled the panties on, they had a short, thick dildo type plug built into the crotch, the idea was that my pussy would be sealed after sex, the plug helping keep Kens semen as deep in it as possible. He even made sure I was full of his sperm and wearing them if he knew I was going out anywhere, making me wear trousers to help discourage my husband from trying for a quickie. There were loads of times we were out with his colleagues or at our parents place having a meal, where my pussy would be swimming in thick creamy cum. My husband never seemed to notice anything was wrong, he thought it was because we were having lots of sex that I was feeling loose, so we were all happy until the inevitable happened and one day I missed my period, I gave it awhile before testing and discovered that I was pregnant by one or the other, I phoned my husband first with the news, being frightened as to how Ken would react, but when I finally plucked up courage enough to tell him he was just as happy as my husband was.

Soon it was all around the pub that I had been knocked up and they all assumed it was Kens baby in my tummy whereas I wasn’t so sure.

I was still expected to work in the pub and Ken still had sex with me, albeit more gently, and I was still expected to dress like a slut, I will admit the effect was all the more slutty as my boobs grew bigger and harder and my flat tummy began to swell.

The day I had my first scan I almost fainted as I was told I was carrying triplets, as my husband was with me I went into the toilets to let Ken know and all he did was laugh.

It seemed to me that my tummy would never stop growing and it must look funny sticking out over the top of my skirts, my tops exposing my belly too, I thought my breasts were going to drop off the were so swollen and sore. Ken was finding it almost impossible to get more than half of his gigantic willy in me without worrying about harming “his” babies.

Both sets of parents were excited that I was pregnant as was my hubby, especially as there was no records of anyone on either side of the family having triplets before and only one other had had twins!

All this time I was worrying that Ken would dump me as he wasn’t able to carry on having sex like we used to (he was lucky, my husband had stopped trying completely ) then when I said this to him one night, he told me not to be a stupid little whore, he was still fucking his wife once a week(all she would allow him) and there were always other ways. I thought he was on about masturbation, but was proved wrong one night when I was over 6 months gone. I was in the pub working and dressed as expected, when Ken walks in with another woman, she was well dressed, long expensive coat that revealed high leather boots as she walked, she was taller than me and older, into her 40s! Ken must have told her about me, cos she looked me over with a trace of a sneer on her bright red lips before whispering something to Ken that made him laugh. I really did feel like a slut, stood there in front of Kens new girl friend, in a short, flared white skirt that curved under my swollen tummy, a thin net top, taught across the bump, my breasts on show, hard and tender, nipples now dark brown and sticking out through the mesh, red fishnets, the tops in view and a pair of relatively low(for me anyway) heels.

They sat at a table together, the coat parted to show she had shapely legs in those boots, and Ken summoned me with a “oi slut get your fat arse over here now!”) I walked across to them and was told to go get drinks, the woman was smiling, looking me over as I walked back with the tray. I stood there and felt my face burn as Ken explained that I was the dirty whore that had been letting him fuck her for the past months so that I could carry his babies and drop them for my husband to feed and care for while he could see if he could knock out another few for me. Then he lifted my skirt, showing my bald pussy to his friend, and sticking 2 fingers straight in, pulling them out glistening and saying that even knocked up I was still gagging for cock but that he felt he couldn’t risk his babies being hurt so he was going to help keep me stretched to make their birth easier but would save his fucking for Lucy the woman with him and that I was going to be there to help. He got up and led me away to the pool room, which was empty, and told me to sit on the table and open my legs for him, I looked at Lucy but he said “don’t look at her, I told you what to do if you don’t want to then fuck off now!” Lucy smiled, I sat on the edge of the table, my legs open my tummy concealing my pussy from my view, Ken made me lay back and lifted my legs up and apart, his penis was already out and hardening as he rubbed it along my moist slit and began to feed it into me, I gasped as he began stretching me although I had been having sex with him regularly I wonder if I would ever be able to take him without that being stuffed feeling, he slowly fed just over half his length inside me and began slowly moving it in and out telling me how easy this would make giving birth, saying the little bastards would have a head start if he kept me wide open for them. While he was doing this Lucy was walking round the table looking at me, then she reached between my legs her fingers finding my swollen clit with ease, I gasped and went to push her hand away but Ken grabbed my wrist and told me not to interfere with her as she was doing me a favour helping out as I was next to useless for sex for now, and that I was to listen to her like it was him talking, my eyes nearly popped out of my head but I didn’t want to lose him so I relaxed as Lucy began working me toward a climax as Ken carried on slowly moving inside me, just as I felt my climax draw near Lucy took her hand away and placed it on Kens tummy stopping him moving, I looked at them wondering what was going on, then as the feeling left me and I relaxed once more, Lucy moved her hand and Ken started moving again, making me moan, the she started work on my clit again, letting her other hand slide across my nipples softly, I was soon moaning again, racing towards a climax as she stopped again! I groaned, I could feel my pussy flexing wanting release but being refused. Then as soon as the feeling had left they both started again, it took longer for the feelings to build this time but they were stronger, I was arching my back and moaning out load begging them both not to stop, I felt my muscles spasm and grip Kens cock painfully and thought this was going to be it but at a signal from this bitch they both stopped, Ken pulled out, half his penis was covered in thick opaque juices from me, I gasped as he put it away and walked to the door with Lucy, I was crying out for them to come back and finish me, but all that happened was Lucy said for me to follow them out to the van if I wanted my climax, then they turned and left, I got off the table and ran after them, my nipples sticking out harder than I believed possible, my thighs coating with my own juices, they were stood by the door and asked what I wanted, I gasped that I wanted to climax, needed to and Lucy told me to come across to them on my knees and she would make sure I had my share of sex and cum, I looked at Ken who was watching impassive, I struggled onto my knees and crawled across to them where Lucy bent and cupped my chin in her hand and lifted my head saying softly “good girl, you can get up now, strip and walk to the van, wait in the back for us but do not touch yourself or you will never see Ken again, understand?” I said yes, stood up and stripped naked, my massive bump making me feel more vulnerable, slutty than ever and walked out into the floodlit carpark, not surprised to see that Kens van was on the side furthest away from the building, I waddled across, knowing that passing motorists would have a clear view of my heavily pregnant, naked body as it climbed into the back of the van. The interior was just as it was last time id been in it, the mattress the cords hanging from the roof and sides. I waited alone, naked and cold for over half an hour before I heard voices coming towards me.

The doors opened and Lucy got in asking if I’d touched myself, I said no. She told me to lie back and Ken got in, between my legs and started touching my soaking pussy, soon I was moaning again and he began feeding inch after inch of his outsized penis into my hungry pussy, I was in heaven, Lucy began gently letting her fingers brush my engorged nipples which made me gasp and then began toying with my aching clitoris until I was grinding and arching my back again like a wanton harlot begging to be made to climax just then I felt a tongue enter my mouth, I opened my eyes and saw Lucys face in front of mine, kissing me, I was going to try and pull away but she was reaching down tweaking my clit with one hand and my nipple with her other sending waves of pleasure through me. Soon I was kissing her back as she took me right to the brink again and then stopped everything, twisting a nipple cruelly as I tried to bring myself off against Ken. I felt his penis leave me, and saw Lucy open her coat and part the overlap of her skirt before settling down on Kens fat juicy cock, the bitch, my face was burning my pussy was on fire as I watched her start grinding on his massive tool, I was surprised by how easily it seemed to slip into her, as if reading my mind she looked over at me and said that she could take large objects even Kens cock inside with ease as he cunt was very elastic and she had had a few children too which had stretched her. Before I could say anything she was toying with my clitoris again taking me quickly to the brink and then stopping me dead, laughing and teasing me about how hot my cunt was and hungry for a cum, she said that she bet id even use my own hand right now if I thought id get away with it, I said yes I would do anything for release, she dipped an elegant, long finger into me and pulled it out laughing at the strand of my juice that was stretching between her finger and my pussy before offering it for me to lick which I did greedily. Then she was teasing my body again, making me writhe like a whore as she bounced up and down on Kens cock, soon she was moaning too, and making me even wetter as I recalled the feeling of that giant penis pounding me, Ken groaned and I knew he was filling this bitches pussy with his cum, I felt horribly left out until Lucy got me horny again, even against my will she had me crying out for sex, and just as I thought she was going to stop she got off Ken and quickly straddled my face settling her gaping hole over my open mouth, her finger were driving me wild now and I was gasping as she used her pussy muscles to empty the entire contents of Kens climax directly into my mouth, I knew he came copiously but feeling my mouth fill to the brim so I had to start swallowing showed just how much he did cum!

As soon as id swallowed it all, Lucy began rubbing herself over my face, her fanny was wet and very musky and I noticed she wasn’t shaved as the hairs around her clit tickled my lips, id never done anything like this to another woman before and wasn’t sure I wanted to now but Lucy had other ideas, her knees had my arms trapped and she could almost do without my help as she started to masturbate herself using my mouth and nose. All the time she was still fingering me expertly towards a climax, my legs were shaking as I got close expecting to be frustrated once more, but this time she kept on going and a climax overtook all my other feelings, I felt my pussy spasm as I started, it was so strong and she seemed to be prolonging it as I felt my babies start to protest at all the contractions wracking my body, without realising it I was sucking this womans clit causing her to shudder to a climax, thick sticky fluid running out of her now wasn’t all Kens cum most was hers! And then before I knew it, it was all over, she got off me and I was left there gasping and thrashing about like a stranded fish as my climax continued relentlessly.

Ken and Lucy left the van doors open and told me to follow them straight back to the bar, I got up on trembling legs and staggered out of the van still gasping as tiny little aftershocks of climaxes kept hitting me and followed behind like an obedient little puppy.

Once inside I was told to dress then Lucy told me to kneel again only this time when I did she told me to be a good slut and clean her boots, I looked for a cloth but she laughed and taking me by the hair told me to lick them and once she was happy I could go, if anyone had looked in I wondered what they would have thought seeing a very pregnant, scantily dressed girl kneeling on the floor licking another womans boots clean.

This wasn’t the last time Ken introduced Lucy, who was a domme, into or relationship but it was the first gentle introduction to what was expected from me.

I got into the family car and drove back home(my tummy was way too big for me to drive my MG) got showered and into bed where my husband was fast asleep.