Written by Kim and John

13 Jan 2005

Get ready to masturbate to this one!

I'll skip all the samll details and get to the juicy parts...this past weekend John and I went to a disco club in town that plays all 70s disco music. I wore a short black dress with a thong and no bra. ( I am not big on top so, my tits look good!

John and I took a room in a hotel a couple of blocks from the club, so we wouldn't have to drive drunk!

We drank, danced, and then something very cool happened. John went to the bar to get a drink and it took a long time. I was left on my own, and some gorgeous guy started dancing with me. He was latino, 6 feet tall and in his mid 30s I would say. When John came back the guy got embarassed, and John told him to go ahead and enjoy! He also whispered to the guy that we were looking for a little fun !

Well, we ended up all three of us back at the hotel...a little drunk, but horny as hell.

When we got in the room, I took the guy by the hand and I sat on the couch while he stood in front of me. I immediately took his cock out of his zipper (nice cut and shaved) and started to blow him. He could not believe what was happening! In about 3 minutes he said he was close to cumming, so I stopped and told him to get undressed.

John was watching all of it, and he too took of his clothes...I winked at John and saw that he already has a raging hardon....I got out of my dress, but kept my thong. I then told both guys to stand in front of me...I wnaked then both and took turns sucking one cock then the other.

Meanwhile both were playing with my tits...I was squirming on the couch getting a little friction on my pussy....then I told them it wa their turn...So john sat beside me, and sucked my tits while my latin lover licked my shaved pussy. He then got up and said excuseme....he went to the bathroom to wash his hands ( what a gentleman !)...when he came back he was soft again (he was 4 inches soft and about 7 inched hard,but thick!)he came back to his cunt licking and I came in about 30 seconds...before I knew it, John told me to get on the floor and sixty-nine the guy...so we did,....with me on top. Latinboy licked me and fingered me. John teased my asshole with his finger and I could see him wanking himself as he played with my hole. Eventually John kneeled in front of me , and I sucked his cock...he came in my mouth, some dribbling down the corner of my mouth. (he kissed me to get rid of it) Latinboy sadi he was about to cum too, so I finished him off by jerking him...she shot quite a load all over my hand. He then got up to clean up, but I told him not to leave yet, I wanted him to fuck me.

I eventually got him hard again then he spoon-fucked me ( with a condom) on the couched while John licked my clit. I must have cum 3 or 4 times. The session ended off by Latinboy cumming while fucking me, then he left....and the John fucked me, but this time in the ass, cuz I was drunk enough to let him do my arse.

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