Written by Old Perv

13 Mar 2004

Mike Johnson felt rather guilty about it,but as his

lovely 32 y/o wife described her 'ordeal' in detail

he felt his cock harden and a strange but enjoyable

sensation of exitement in his belly.Mike had long had

a secret fantasy that involved his lovely, buxom dark

haired little cracker of a wife becoming the object of

another mans lechery, it made him jealous and highly

aroused simultaneously to imagine his beloved wife being

perved on by a dirty old man type.Kimberley and Mike where

certainly not swingers, just a nice couple who both held

good jobs and had a nice little house in the suburbs to

the west of London.

The incident Kimberley was describing to her hubby had

happened on the tube earlier that evening when it had been

particularilly busy as a result of a few cancelled trains.

Kimberley in her beige trouser suit had been standing holding

the post kindly provided by the train makers to stop one

from falling over during the sometimes rocky ride, she

was quite oblivious to the fact that her ample bottom had

attracted the attention of another passenger-A horny old

reprobate called Albert Smith a 69 year old grandfather

and appreciater of a 'nice bit of skirt'. Albert was sitting

down directly behind Kimberley and she was acutely aware

of his eyes drinking in the sight of her shapely backside

as she stood inches from his face unable to turn.Alberts

face was a mmere few feet away from the delightful bum and

he could clearly make out the outline of her tight panties.

Albert felt his big old cock stiffen as he imagined Kimberley's

big arse bared for his delight.

Kimberley's face flushed red as the dreadful man made no

secret of the fact he was enjoying the view, she could

literally feel his eyes burning into the underside of

her buttocks where they met her strong thighs and where

the material of the trousers was pulled into her bumcrack

slightly by the expanse of her lovely broad beam.

Alberts big cock was now achingly hard as he imagined

scenarios whereby his oversized old chopper was planted

right up the lovely lasses arsehole.' no doubt it would

be a very tight fit' he mused to himself.

Kimberley and Albert made eye contact only once , and she

had given him a very cross ler on in a ook although the lovely well

brought up girl was far to ladylike to give the old git

the berating he deserved.

Albert merely smiled quizzically at the young housewives

displeased demeanour.

If Kimberley was honest it was turning her on in an odd

sort of a way knowing that her bottom was being so shamelessly

admired by this elderley pervert, 'what on earth must he

be thinking' the puzzled girl asked herself.

At the next stop Albert stood up to leave the train and

as he did he bold as brass fondled the big globes of Kimberley's

much observed rear.

Kimberley gasped, and Albert felt her bottom quiver, but

he merely smiled his quizzical smile and gestured to the

seat he had just vacated.

Kimberley flashed her best 'i'm very cross' look at him

and sat down as the wretched man disappeared into the night.

Mike Johnson in bed now with his spouse listened to his lovely wifes tale and feigned

annoyance but the details of the story where having a profound

effect on his own aching cock.

Kimberley sensed this and asked Mike 'This is turning you

on isn't it you perv?' 'Y-Yes dearest' was all Mike could


Kimberley smiled wryly 'well it was quite exiting having

someone pay that much attention to my bum goodness knows

he looked at it long enough.'

'Well dearest you do have a wonderful bum' laughed Mike.

'Show it to me so i can enjoy what the old goat would have

liked to see.'

With that the lovely Kimberley stepped from the bed in her

little black baby doll nightie and turned her back to her

highly aroused hubby.

'Lift your nightie for me dearest and imagine i'm the old letch'.

Kimberley complied and soon her magnificent bare rump was

the object of a very horny hubbies wanking pleasure.

'Kimberley dearest will you part your cheeks so i can look

at your bumhole?'

'Oh Mike you are so rude!' admonished Kimberley but the

wonderful girl soon displayed her tight virginal anus

for his delectation and wanking pleasure.

At home that night Albert Smith stroked his own considerably

bigger cock at the thought of Kimberleys bottom, fucking

Kimberleys bottom.

Old Perv