Written by dave and sal

5 Jun 2004

Well as i said in my earlier story things went really well and the young chap certainly got plenty of attention from Sal and the other lady from the other car.

Sal got him upside our car and eased his pants down and boy was he excited his cock was rock hard and although not too long it was very very thick and Sal took great delight in taking it into her willing mouth and licked and sucked for all she was worth.

The other lady came round and stood alongside and began to openly play with her pussy, me and her fella took it in turns to keep a look out for any body who might have come into the park.

We never did find out there names alas but that was not important has we just enjoyed a sexy time.

The other lady knelt down and helped Sal with sucking the chaps cock and it was not long before he sprayed them both with his hot creamy cum.

It did not end there though has the other lady and indeed Sal wanted his cock inside there hot wet pussies and after some more attention he was soon hard and ready, Sal turned around and bent over and he did not need asking twice has he got behind her and eased his thick tool right into her he worked his cock in and out and the moans of pleasure coming from Sal's lips only got the other lady begging for some of the same.

He pulled out from Sal's pussy and the other lady turned around for him and he plunged his cock all the way into her, Sal was on her knees and managed to get into a position to use her tongue on the other lady's clit and also flick across the chaps cock, suddenly he moaned he was coming and the lady begged him to fill her pussy which he did and Sal was loving the taste of the juices coming from the other lady and suddenly the taste of his cum.

Sal invited the lady's man to come over to her and undid his pants and took his cock into her mouth and sucked him off until he came.Alas i only got to have a quick taste of the other lady's pussy, as a couple of cars turned up and we had to make a quick scramble to get decent.

I enjoyed the snog i had with Sal though before we left the park and the taste of come still in her mouth was fantastic.

If the chap and couple read this we are ready for a repeat anytime soon.

Dave and SAL XX